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~~~Terms Of Use~~~

As mentionned on the front page, I have been working on this content very hard, so please respect some small rules.

-Please only use my graphics on family friendly sites. Family friendly means to me that a child of any age should be able to view it. Please DO NOT use my graphics if you own a site containing any sort of violence, pornography, nudity, racism etc!

-If you use a set, please give credit where credit is due. I included a small credit graphic with each set. You can also use this graphic (left click on it to get it):

I want you to link this or the matching graphic back to on THE SAME page as you use my graphics/sets! A simple text link is fine also!

-I don't want to see my graphics in another graphic collection. I also don't want you to sell, reproduce, or alter my graphics. The only graphic allowed to alter are the blank buttons, as long if you are just adding your text to them!

-Don't use my graphics as stationary (meant is as decoration in e-mails or on message boards). As long as you decorate your site with my graphics and give credit, I have no problem with you using them:).

-It's ok to print my graphics out and use them for scrapbooking!

-If you found a cute matching set elsewhere I don't mind if you mix them tough, as long as you give credit!

-Please don't link directly to the graphic. Rightclick the graphic/image you want to use and safe it to your own server.

-Don't make my graphics into tubes or use them to make your own graphics!

-I can ask you anytime to take my set down (I will just do that when you do not respect these rules), and I can change these rules at any time!

If you don't agree with this rules and are not willing to respect them, it's time for you to leave.

If you agree with this rules, and are willing to respect them, please click 'I agree' to check out my graphics!
Have fun and I hope you find something you like!
If you have any questions, please feel so free to ask!

I agree!
I inspired myself for the rules at TD Designs.
I got the free no rightclick script at Lissa Explains It All.
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