Castle Rules


`What is your duty?' asked my master. `Absolute obedience,' I replied, in Gorean. page 106 Slave Girl of GOR


                     FW and kajira are not allowed to mega without the permission of the Ubar or Masters in the room. If a Master is not present, kajira are only to mega when given permission by the FW present. If you are in a room alone and a Free Person enters, all kajira are to demega immediately.

                     When a kajira is brb, she is to wear an av stating she is brb and she must turn off her IMs while she is brb.

                     When a yellow or red silk enter, they do not have to beg to enter nor greet. They are to ask to do both.

                     Masters Titans girls are allowed to take candy and food from other Free Goreans.They are not allowed to consume it without the permission of their Master.

                     As real time comes first, there will be instances where an emergency takes place. In this case, the kajira will type in the room, 911. Please be aware, Free Persons will tire of this quickly and begin to wonder if happens more often than not. Use it wisely and only in times of a real emergency. Free Persons do not normally hold a kajira in the room if in need of leaving.

                     When monies are given to kajira, they are NOT to touch it. They are to either have it dropped in their silks or placed in their mouths, then it is to be immediately taken to Master Titan. If He is not present, it is to go in the coin box at the Castle.

                     When Free Person enter a room, the kajira will wait until all the Free have finished Their Greetings then will beg or ask to greet.

                     When kajira serve or dance, there will be NO copying and pasting of their posts. They will not copy from another kajira or from a prewritten word docuement.

                     kajira are to constantly be in motion unless otherwise asked by a Free Person. There are various things they can be doing to keep themselves busy, chores, serving, dancing, writing dance, studying, painting approved avs or shopping for avs. A lazy slave is not found  pleasing to the Free.

                     All of Master Titans slaves must have their avs approved before wearing them except on Wednesday when it is free day. Then and only then are they allowed to wear what they wish, within reason and mega, unless specifically told otherwise. When around their Master, they are to be in painted avs at all times unless He asks to view avs for approval.

                     Any new slaves coming to Master Titans Castle will give Master all past names used in Halsoft and old vp as well as their age and experience

                     If wanting to shop for avs, read, or study from other sites, they must do it in their browser.

                     No tours or games allowed unless given prior permission from their Owner.

                     All IMs that appear sorted or there is question about, should be saved and sent to your Owner upon entering vp.

                     No lapping permitted unless permitted by Owner.

                     All slaves are to be obedient and pleasing at all times. If you are having a bad day, you should let Master  know as soon as entering vp.

                     All slaves shall notify Master of entering and leaving of vp if not in the same room.

                     All slaves will do chores daily. If  there is a reason this can not be done, it must be let known to Master.  






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