"kneel," I told her. She knelt.  "Straighten your body, slave," I told her.
Frightened, Miss Blake-Allen straightened her back, and lifted her head. She knelt back on her heels, knees wide, hands on her thighs. It was the position of the Pleasure Slave. I had taught her the position. It is one of the first things a good-looking woman, fallen slave, is taught on Gor.
Tribesmen of Gor, page 53


"Bara," said Micon to Tula. "Bara," said I to Feiqa.  Both slaves went immediately to the bellies, their heads to the left, their wrists crossed behind their backs, their ankles also crossed. It is a common binding position. We did not bind them, however. It was enough that they lay there in this position.

Mercenaries of Gor, page 145




"I belly to you!" said the girl, her head down over my foot.  She held still to my ankle, her small hands about it.  Her hair was about my foot.  I felt her hot lips press again and again to my foot. 

Magicians of Gor, page 34-35




I then threw the second blanket, the top blanket over her, covering her completely. When a blanket, or cloak, or covering of any sort, is thrown over a slave like this she may not speak or rise.  She must remain as she is, silent, until the master, or some free man, lifts the covering away.

Explorers of Gor, page 94



"Your hands are now bound behind your back," he said.  "Yes, Master," I said.  I must now keep my hands or wrists in contact with one another, and behind my back.  I was now "bound by the master's will."  I could not separate my hands or wrists from one another now without permission.  There are many ways, of course, of "binding by the master's will".  The behind-the-back position is one of the simplest and loveliest.  This exposes the girl, frames the beauty of her breasts and makes her helpless.  That the bond is a "will bond," too, makes clear to her the power of the master over her. 

Dancer of Gor, page 277




"Bracelets," he snapped. She put her head in the air and placed her hands behind her back.

Hunters of Gor, page 146




"He twisted her hair more. She winced, her back bent painfully. "Do you wish me to submit to you now?" she begged. "Do so," said he. She fell to her knees before him, and lifted her head to regard him. "I will be your slave," she said. Then, she knelt back on her heels, lowered her head, and lifted and extended her arms, wrists crossed, as though for binding. She was very beautiful. "I am your slave," she said, "- Master."
Hunters of Gor, page 16



"The auctioneer did not strike her with his whip. He merely took her arms and lifted them, so that the position chain, attached to each side of the sales collar lay across her her upper arms. Then he had her clasp her hands behind the back of her neck, so that the chain, on each side of the collar, was in the crook of her arms, and she was exposed in such a way that she could be properly exhibited."
Explorers of Gor, page 36



"When she had been used before my kennel, she had been under "gag law," as is common when the guards use a girl, forbidden speech, save for moans and whispers."
Dancer of Gor, page 65



Over her iron collar she wore a heavy leather Kur collar, high, heavily sewn, with its large ring.  He thrust her two wrists, before her body, into the ring he had cut from the Kur.  He then tied them inside, and to, the ring.  He then, from his belt, took a long length of binding fiber and, doubling it, looped it, securing it, at its center to the ring, leaving two long ends.  He then threw her, on her back, over the body, head down, of the fallen Kur.  He took the two loose ends of the binding fiber and taking them under the body of the fallen Kur, dragged her wrists, elbows bend, over and above her head; he then, bending her knees, tied one of the loose ends about her left ankle, and the other about her right.  It was the Gorean love bow.

Marauders of Gor, page 261



"I held my left hand open, at my wrist. She stiffened, and looked at me, angrily. I opened and closed my left hand once. I saw her training in Gorean customs had been thorough. But she never thought that such a gesture would be used to her. She came beside me, and a bit behind me, and, crouching, put her head down, deeply. I fastened my hand in her hair. She winced. Women are helpless in this position."
Beasts of Gor. Page 409




I shouted to my tarn, in Gorean and in English, “Harta! Harta! Faster! Faster!”

Tarnsman of Gor, page 57



"Heel," I said.  "Yes, my captor," she said.  I turned to regard her.  She would follow me, behind and on the left.  In this way the sword arm is not likely to be encumbered.  Vagabonds of Gor, page 381

In moment or two Marcus was again beside me, and Phoebe behind him, on his left.  The girl normally heels a right-handed master on the left, that she not encumber the movements of the weapon hand. 

Magicians of Gor, page 117



"Lift your head," he said. "Higher. Higher!" She looked up at him, her head far back, the leash on her throat.  "You need not now keep your head in high-harness position," he said to the girl.  She moved her head. 

Mercenaries of Gor, pages 308 – 309




 Note, the word karta is not from the books.  Prostrate or Tile are accurate names for this position.

Swiftly we assumed a common form of slave obeisance, kneeling, the palms of our hands on the ground, our heads to the ground. Many masters, though it tends to be rather associated usually with given cities, require this position of their girls, usually when they first enter his presence or find themselves, as in a room which he has entered, in his presence. She is then, usually, when given permission, permitted to lift her head, but is to remain kneeling before him, beautifully, in a standard position, her knees closed if she is a house or tower slave, her knees open if she was the sort of slave I was, whatever sort of slave that was supposed to be.
Dancer of Gor, page 15



I indicated a flat leather box to one side.  "Knee crawl," I said.  "Fetch it here."
She went to the box on her knees and picked it up, and returned to a place before me.  It had been a simple knee crawl. 

 Magicians of Gor, page 342



I crossed my wrists beneath me and touched my head to the floor, exposing the bow of my back.  It is the submissive posture of a slave girl who is to be punished.  It is called Kneeling to the Whip.  I shook, visibly at his feet.  I whimpered.  I waited for him to call guard, to bring the lash.   

 Captive of Gor, page 200




"Come now, my pretty slaves," said Ginger, "kneel straight. Back straight, heads up. Back on your heels there! Spread those pretty knees. Yes, that is the way men like it. Put your hands, palms down, on your thighs. Good. good. Excellent!," The girls now knelt in the coffle as pleasure slaves."
Savages of Gor...pg.155


"Leading position, said Drusus Rencius.   I swiftly put my head down and felt his fingers lock themselves deeply in my hair. I turned my head and pressed my lips suddenly, helplessly, to his thigh, kissing him. He twisted my head cruelly to the side, holding it there, turned, so that my lips could not touch him.
Kajira of Gor, page 134




“Lesha!” he said. Immediately, responsive to this command, I flung my wrists behind me, separated by some two inches, and lifted my chin, my head turned to the left. I felt slave bracelets flung, snapping shut, on my wrists. I was braceleted. In another moment I was leashed. “Precede me,” said the guard. I went before him. 

Dancer of Gor, page 364


"Come now, my pretty slaves," said Ginger, "kneel straight.  Back straight, heads up.  Back on your heels there!  Spread those pretty knees.  Yes, that is the way men like it.  Put your hands, palms down, on your thighs.  Good.  Good.  Excellent!"   

Savages of Gor, page 155



''Nestle ' I told her. 'Yes Master ' she said. She nestled obediently in the crook of my left arm.' 
Explorers of Gor, page 279




He suddenly snapped his fingers and, in the swift double gesture of the Gorean Master, pointed to a place on the dirt floor before him, almost simultaneously turning his hand, spreading the first and index fingers, pointing downwards. I fled to him and knelt before him, my knees in the dirt, in the position of the pleasure slave, my head down, trembling.
Captive of Gor, page 143



"Heads to the dirt!" called a man.  Swiftly we assumed a common form of slave obeisance, kneeling, the palms of our hands on the ground, our heads to the ground.  Many master, though it tends to be rather associated, usually, with given cities, require this position of their girls, usually when they first enter his presence, or find themselves, as in a room which he has entered, in his presence.   Dancer of Gor, page 114



She trembled. I now stood over her, the slave whip in my hand. I drew it back, then I threw it aside, angrily. I crouched down. Then I jerked her head up, by the hair
"Permission to placate," she begged, reaching for me with her lips and mouth. But I held her, by the hair, from me. She whimpered, denied. Then I released her hair and permitted her to touch me ."Thank you, Master," she whispered.She was a slave. I would permit her to attempt to placate me, in one of the ancient fashions of the female slave.
Rogue of Gor, page 21



"I was amused, for she had run as a slave girl is sometimes taught to run, with rapid short steps, her legs almost straight, her feet scarcely leaving the ground, back straight, head turned to the left, arms at her sides, palms out at a forty-five degree angle, more of a dancer's motion than a true run."
Assassin of Gor, page 45




In this form of slavery, which is commonly used for disciplinary purposes, or for the amusement of the Master, the woman is not permitted to arise from all fours; similarly she is not permitted human speech, though she may signify needs and desires by such means as cringing, and moaning and whimpering. Not permitted the use of her hands, save as a means of locomotion, she must also eat and drink from pans set on the floor, or, sometimes to satisfy her thirst, she must lap the water permitted to her from puddles or lick spillages from the tiles; too, it is no uncommon to chain her near her master's feet, while he dines, that he may, if he wishes, throw her scraps of food. She will also be taught tricks, through which paces she may be put for the entertainment of her master's guests, such things as begging, lying down, rolling over, and fetching his sandals in her teeth. And, needless to say, when her master wishes to use her sexually, it will be a position common to the she-quadruped.
Guardsman of Gor, page 225




Then, before I could realize what he intended, he had subjected Miss Cardwell to what, among slavers, is known as the Whip Caress Ideally it is done, as Kamchak had, unexpectedly, taking the girl unaware. Elizabeth suddenly cried out throwing her head to one side. I observed to my amazement the sudden, involuntary, uncontrollable response to the touch. The Whip Caress is commonly used among Slavers to force a girl to betray herself."
Nomads of Gor, page 168




"On your back," I snapped, "Make slave lips.  Throw apart your legs!"  Swiftly the girl complied, tears in her eyes.  She then lay there, her lips pursed to kiss, her ankles widely apart.  I looked down at her.  She looked up at me, tears in her eyes.  A girl who is commanded to make slave lips, or who receives the command, "Slave lips," must form her mouth for kissing.  She then, commonly, is not permitted to break this lip position until either she kisses or is kissed.  Needless to say, a girl cannot speak when her lips are un the unbroken, fully-pursed slave-lips position.  The command which commonly follows the "Slave lips" command is "Please me." 

Blood Brothers of Gor, page 111




I went to the side of the room and picked up my sea bag.  I threw it to the center of the room.  She looked down at it, puzzled.  It was of heavy blue material, canvas, and tied with a white rope.  "Lie down upon it," I told her, "on your back, your head to the floor."  She did so.  "No, please," she said, "not like this."  It is a common position for a disciplinary slave rape.  In it the woman feels very vulnerable, very helpless. 

 Explorers of Gor, page 202




"Stake position," said Ephialtes to the two women.
Immediately they both lay down, with a sound of chain.  It is not unusual to forbid a rent slave, during her use times, when chained at a stake, to rise even to her knees. 

 Vagabonds of Gor, page 386



"He looked me over. I blushed, under Gorean appraisal, I only wore my tether. "Stand as a slave," he said. I stood beautifully, back straight, head high, belly sucked in, hip turned. No woman can stand more beautifully than as a gorean slave girl. "Excellent," said Ladletender, smacking his lips. "Master is pleased," I said. "Yes," he said. "The slave too, is then pleased," I said."
Slave Girl of Gor, page 249




"Standard binding position," he said. I was prone. When a girl is prone, the standard binding position is to cross the wrists behind the back and to cross the ankles. I took this position instantaneously.
Slave Girl of Gor, page 125




She fell to her knees before him, and lifted her head to regard him.  "I will be your slave," she said.  Then, she knelt back on her heels, lowered her head, and lifted and extended her arms, wrists crossed, as though for binding.  She was very beautiful.  "I am your slave," she said. "-- Master." 

Hunters of Gor, page 16



"Sula, Kajira!" said the man.  She slid her legs from under her and lay on her back, her hands at her sides, palms up, her legs open.  

Explorers of Gor, page 77



"Then she lay on her back, her knees drawn up, before me. She arched her back. Her breasts were lifted beautifully. I observed their lovely rise and fall, correlated with the respiratory cycle of her small lungs. Then she lay back, her shoulders in the dirt, and pressing against the earth with her small feet, piteously lifted before me, for my examination, and seizure, if I pleased, the deep belly of her, the sweet cradle of her slave's heat."
Explorers of Gor, page 329



"On your back," he said, "knees raised, heels on the floor." I then lay before him, in a standard, supine capture position.
Kajira of Gor, page 422



This command might be given to a female or to the Free person with a female, who is not identified. It essentially means, show your brand. 
Guardsman of Gor, page 184 
Vagabonds of Gor, pages 383 and 399



The position of the Tower Slave, in which Vika knelt, differs from that of a free woman only in the position of the wrists which are held before her and, when not occupied, crossed as though for binding.  Priest-Kings of Gor, page 46



" 'Kneel,' he said, 'swiftly, facing away from me,' I obeyed, in terror, almost frenziedly. I now faced the door. 'To all fours,' he commanded I obeyed, trembling. Twice more then he struck me, the second blow, as I cried out with misery, sobbing, flung me again to the carpet on my belly. 'Kneel, as you were before," he said. I obeyed. 'All fours,' he said. I went again to all fours. He then, crouching near me, reaching about me, put the whip to my lips. I kissed it, frightened, again and again. 'kneel now, in the following fashion' he said. 'Do not waste time,' He then had me kneel with my head to the floor, my hands clasped tightly behind the back of my neck. I cried out, gasped, fixedly held, put to his fierce, disciplinary purposes. He then drew back from me. I was now on my belly on the rug, gasping in disbelief. I understood more of my slavery then, than I had before"
Dancer of Gor, pages 267-268



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