Castle's Dancing Pit

Have you ever seen slave dance? I asked. You have no idea, then, I said of its incredible sensuousness and beauty, and how a woman appears in it, how exciting, desirable, and owned, and of how men, seeing it, can cry out with need? There are various movements in slave dance, I said, of the hips, the belly, and such, indeed, of the entire body, which are clearly akin to, and reminiscent of , the movements of love and need. To be sure, in the dance, I said, these movements tend to be under much stricter control . The dance is , after all, an art form. Nonetheless it is clear that the sexuality of the dancer  is not uncommonly aroused. After all, it is hard for a woman to be beautiful and sensuous without feeling beautiful and sensuous, and its hard for her to feel beautiful and sensuous without having her sexuality  ignited. Indeed, few are the dancers who have not upon occasion, even in the dance itself, succumbed to orgasmic helplessness. This can occur to them while they are on their feet, but more often it will occur during floor movements or when they are on their knees.    -MAGICIANS OF GOR, Pg. 353-354


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