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"The true dancing girl, who has a great aptitude for such matters,
and years of experience, is a marvel to behold, for she seems always
different, subtle and surprising.

Some of these girls, interestingly, are not even particularly beautiful,
though in the dance they become so.

I expect a great deal has to do with the girl's sensitivity to her
audience, with her experience in playing to, and interacting with,
different audiences, teasing and delighting them in different ways,
making them think suddenly, by contrast, startling them, astonishing
them and driving them wild with the madness of their desire for her.

Such a girl, after a dance, may snatch up dozens of gold pieces from
the sand, putting them in her silk, scurrying back to her master."

Assassin Of Gor, Pg. 91


Pole Dance


Dancing the pole dance, the kajira will entice the pole or "Master" with a sensual dance that includes her touching and caressing Him (the pole), where in the end, she is given her release rubbing her moist flesh against him. This dance can be done using a variety of items, including a long silk scarf, a Master’s belt or may use nothing, depending upon the dance.  Any props would add emphasis to the pole and the kajira’s use of it to entice Him (the pole) to find her alluring and sexually satisfying


"At the moment she writhed upon the 'slave pole,' it fixing her in place. There is no actual pole, of course, but sometimes it is difficult to believe there is not. The girl imagines that a pole, slender, supple, swaying, transfixed her body, holding her helplessly. About this imaginary pole, it constituting a hypothetical center of gravity, she moves, undulating, swaying, sometimes yielding to it in ecstasy, sometimes fighting it, it always holding her in perfect place, its captive. The control achieved by the use of the 'slave pole' is remarkable. An incredible, voluptuous tension is almost immediately generated, visible in the dancers body, and kinetically felt by those who watch."
Tribesmen Of Gor, Pg. 11

Chain Dance


The Chain dance is where a kajira obtains a length of chain from a Master, or a chain may be attached to her kolar.  She dances showing her submission and acceptance of being a slave.  The chain may be wrapped around her body and she will writhe and fight at first but will be succumb by her desire and the fire within her belly and in the end she will rejoice at having the chain around her slave's heart.


Gorean dances can occur most anywhere, so long as an open area is provided for the girl to perform. Commonly, this area is a tiled surface, often red, and if in a Paga Tavern, is usually dedicated specifically to this purpose.

"Out there, among the tables, I had seen the dancing floor. It was there I would be placed. The space for the musicians was to the left, as I had looked out."
Dancer Of Gor, Pg. 171


Whip Dance


The whip dance may be done two ways.  The first one with the Master cracking the whip over her head and around her, with a girl never knowing when the whip will crack, adding to the fear of the whip and the fear of being punished.  The second version is where the girl is allowed to use the whip herself and may crack herself with it.  In either instance, a girl will kiss the whip, showing her respect for the whip and the chance that she could be whipped, should she be displeasing.  The dance ends with a girl craving her Master and her desire to please Him, submitting her need to Him.


Submission Dance


A special dance a girl does for her Master only, with each one unique. A girl will show her desire for her Master submitting herself to Him completely, her eyes, her body speaking the words of love.


"The Gorean dancer is expected, usually, to satisfy the passions she arouses."
 Players Of Gor, Pg. 26


The Need Dances

Seduction, Tether, Sa-eela


Dances of Need, also called seduction dances, traditionally consist of five phases.

1.      A girl pretends she is unaware or indifferent to the Men or Masters

2.      A girl become restless, disturbed by the urges she is finding and feeling within her body. When she begins to become aware of her sexuality, doubting if she is worthy of pleasing Him

3.      A girl puts her Master’s needs before her own, showing she is a willing slave, but she continues to second guessing her skills and abilities and worried about another night alone in her kennel without be allowed at her Master’s feet

4.      A girl begins to dance sexually, wantonly, shamelessly showing her need, begging for His satisfaction. Visible evidence of her need by be shown in this phase of the dance

5.      The dance builds and a girl is overcome with the desire and passion she feels for her Master, but continues to be fearful that she will not please Him.  The ending part of the dance is generally done on the tiles, stones or in the sand and a girl seldom rises to her feet, as she proclaims her heat as a slave for her Master

"Free women, incidentally, are seldom permitted to witness dances of the erotic power of the Sa-eela. The major reason for this, interestingly, is not that they might be offended or outraged, but for their  own protection. Many times lovely, young free women, sometimes thinking that they have cleverly disguised themselves, donning male garments, pretending to be boys, thus seeking admission to the dances, find themselves set upon and stripped. Soon, in chains and well ravished, they find themselves as much slaves as the dancer. Perhaps, in their turn, too, they will be taught to dance. On their way to the market they may, if they wish, reflect upon what they, at that time, are likely to regard as their folly. Later, at the feet of a strong man, they may become clearer on the nature of the motivations that took them to such a performance in the first place. They were courting slavery, begging, in their way, for the steel of the collar, pleading to the subject, if they were not pleasing, to the cut of the whip. They had not truly been free women; they had only been, unbeknownst to themselves, slaves in search of masters."
Guardsman Of Gor, Pg. 264 - 265

Tile Dance


Done on red tiles before a Master, she wished to entice her Master to touch her body, gesturing to Him, wanting to see to His needs and desires.  The dance is done completely on the tiles, with the girl laying on her back or on her belly and is generally attached to the slave ring below her Master’s couch.


The Gorean Slave Dance


Done in any style a girl chooses, beginning with the girl portraying a timid virginal girl.  She is generally nude in the dance, with her fighting being caught by the Master until He subdues her and makes her His own.  The dance ends with the girl submitting to her Master, her desire to please Him in any way she can.  The Master may also use a chain and kolar to ‘subdue’ the girl


"I watched her, and marveled. It is interesting to note that such movements, those of slave dances, despite the inhibitions of rigid cultures, may occur in a girl's sleep, and may even occur, almost spontaneously, when she, nude, alone, passes before a mirror in her bedroom. How shocked she may be to suddenly see her body move as that of a slave.

Could it have been she who so moved? Later, perhaps to her surprise, she finds herself standing before the mirror. She is naked, and alone. Then, perhaps scarcely understanding what is occurring within her, she sees the girl in the mirror has begun to dance.

The movements are not dissimilar perhaps to those of women who, thousands of years ago, danced in fire lit caves before their masters. Then, knowing well that it is she herself who is the dancer, she dances brazenly, boldly, before the mirror.

Well does she present her bared beauty before it in the movements, the attitudes and postures of the female slave. Then perhaps she falls to the rug, scratching at it, pressing her belly to it. 'I want a Master,' she whispers."


The Dance of the 6 Thongs


6 leather thongs are attached to a girl, with her being unwilling to be caught. She dances her defiance and anger, until caught by the 6 Masters who hold her and present her to the one Master, who asks of her, if she is a slave.  In the dance, she loudly proclaims,  ‘Yes, I am a slave”


Serving/Scarf (ribbon) Dance


Performed using ribbons or scarves (or a goblet or mug), a girl uses them to entice the Master, offering to serve Him in a very special and unique way.  After the Master has agreed for the girl to serve Him in the special way, she may don a special costume, to entice Him. She shows to Him her heat and desire, serving to Him in a unique and special way.   A girl’s release may not always be obtained in this dance.


"I noted, too, that, clad in yellow silk, belled on the left ankle, as another paga girl,

the dancer, carried a vessel of paga about."
Hunters Of Gor, Pg. 62

Belt Dance


A dance done but the girl, entirely on her knees, back or belly. At no time, does the girl lift her head about His belt.  At the end, the girl shows her submission to Him.





A dance done for a girl’s Master after she has displeased Him, trying to regain His pleasure once more.  An original dance.


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