Slave Dances  - Designing a dance


"Only too obviously was this a trained dancer, and yet, too, there was far
more than training involved.

Too, I speak not of such relatively insignificant matters as the mere

excellence of her figure for slave dance,  as suitable and fitting as it might

be for such an art form, for women with many figures can be superb

 in slave dance, or that she must possess a great natural talent for such

 a mode of expression, but something much deeper.

In the nature of her dance I saw more than training,
her figure, and her talent.

Within this woman, revealing itself in the dance, in its rhythm,
its joy, its spontaneity, its wonders, were untold depths of
femaleness, a deep and radical femininity, unabashed and unapologetic,
a rejoicing in her sex, a respect of it, a love of it, an acceptance of
it and a celebration of it, a wanting of it, and of what she was, a woman,
a slave, in all of its marvel."
 Magicians Of Gor, Pg. 53 - 54

"It is good for them to get the practice, hearing and seeing men respond to them. That is the way to learn what truly pleases men. In the end, I say, it is men who teach women to dance."
Assassin Of Gor, Pg. 91

"'These women,' said Hermidorus, 'are practicing their floor movements.'
A trainer stood among them, with a whip. Occasionally he would snap this whip near a girl.
I did not doubt but what the girls on the tiles, if they were found sufficiently displeasing to the trainer, or too frequently required the admonitory signal of the cracking leather, would soon hear the snap of the lash not in their mere vicinity but on their own bared bodies.

Two of the girls, I saw, had stripes on them, one on the thigh, and one on the side. The trainer was not now paying them much attention. They were now, apparently, doing well."
Kajira Of Gor, Pg. 142

Slave dances are the sensuous dances performed by slave girl to entertain their Masters.  They are designed to display the sexual heat of the performer, and invites her use by her Master. They are very descriptive, with thoughts, emotions, and movements displayed by the girl, personalized for each dance.



Dances should be


"The girl was naked, save that she wore many strings of jewels and armlets. Too, she wore bracelets and anklets of gold, which had been locked upon her, and were belled. Her collar, too, was of gold, and belled. A single pearl, fastened in a setting like a droplet, on a tiny golden chain, was suspended at the center of her forehead."
Rogue Of Gor, Pg. 10 - 11

Writing a Dance

1.    Paint a picture

2.    Say where you are dancing, the people who are watching, their reactions

3.    Describe yourself, your best features, what you are wearing, your feelings.

4.    Continue through the dance to explain what you are wearing or not wearing, what you are using, bells, zills, bangles.  Look for little details

5.    Note the music, how it incorporates into your dance. The buildup of the sounds, describe the music for those watching cannot see it

6.    Describe body movements, facial expressions. Show your fear, desire, pride. Explain how your body reacts to things. The movements of your hands, fingers, torso. Discover body language

7.    Tell a story, showing body movements, discover a way to enhance your words and make the dance become alive within the details

8.    Be adaptable; involve the Master or those you are dancing to.

9.    Set the dance type, is it a story, erotic dance or a role dance. Then determine the phases and how you wish to present it.  Some do dances without preparations, others prepare and outline, others have prewritten the dance.  Depending on your Master, and your personal skills, determine the best way for you and use that stye

10.  Do not cut and paste

11.  The success of your dance will be judged by those watching.  Most will watch it with emotions and feelings and not be critical of your efforts, but there are others who will be very critical.  A girl should seek to learn from her dances and how they are pleasing to those watching. 

"To be sure, many of the dances of female slaves are lovely and sensuous;
others of course, are piteous and orgasmic. In all fairness, though, one
must note that there is a large variety of slave dances on Gor, and that
there is some variation from city to city. The institution of female slavery
on Gor is doubtless thousands of years old; accordingly it is natural that
there should be great complexity and refinement in such a delicious art
form as slave dance. There are even, it might be mentioned, hate dances
and rebellion dances, or need dances, or love and submission dances;
even the hate and rebellion dances, of course, conclude, inevitably, with
the ultimate surrender of the girl to her master as a love slave."
Fighting Slave Of Gor,  page 288 - 289

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