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The gorean day consists of 20 Ahn, or 24 Earth hours.

An Ahn is a Gorean hour consisting of 40 ehn, or 1.2 Earth hours.

An Ehn is a Gorean minute consisting of 80 ihn, or 1.8 Earth hours.

An ihn is a Gorean second, or 1.35 Earth seconds.

The 10th ahn, is Earths noon while the 20th ahn is Earths midnight.

1st ahn = 12:01-1:12am 6th ahn = 6:01-7:12am 11th ahn = 12:02-1:12pm 16th ahn = 6:01-7:12pm
2nd ahn = 1:13-2:24am 7th ahn = 7:13-8:24am 12th ahn = 1:13-2:24pm 17th ahn = 7:13-8:24pm
3rd ahn = 2:25-3:36am 8th ahn = 8:25-9:36am 13th ahn = 2:25-3:36pm 18th ahn = 8:25-9:36pm
4th ahn = 3:37-4:48am 9th ahn = 9:37-10:48am 14th ahn = 3:37-4:48pm 19th ahn = 9:37-10:48pm
5th ahn = 4:49-6:00am 10th ahn = 10:49-12:00pm 15th ahn = 4:49-6:00pm 20th ahn = 10:49-12:00am


Gorean Calendar


The Gorean hand is a Gorean week, or 5 days.

A Gorean month consists of 5 hands, each followed by a 5 day "passage hand" not counted in the month.

A Gorean Year consists of 12 months. After the 12th month, there is a 5 day period seperating the years called the waiting hand. In this period, doorways are painted white, little food is eaten nor is drinking done, no singing or public rejoicing is done either. This is a period of mourning the old year that has gone by.

En'Kara (The first turning)

First Hand    March 21st - March 25th  
Second Hand March 26th - March 30th
Third Hand March 31st - April 4th
Fourth Hand April 5th - April 9th
Fifth Hand April 10th - April 14th
    First Passage   April 15th - April 19th

Second Month

First Hand    April 20th - April 24th    
Second Hand April 25th - April 29th
Third Hand April 30th - May 4th
Fourth Hand May 5th - May 9th
Fifth Hand May 10th - May 14th
   Second Passage   May 15th - May 19th

Third Month (Camerius in Ar; Selnar in Ko ro ba)

First Hand     May 20th - May 24th     
Second Hand May 25th - May 29th
Third Hand May 30th - June 3rd
Fourth Hand June 4th - June 8th
Fifth Hand June 9th - June 13th
    Third Passage   June 14th - June 18th

Month of En'Var ( The First Resting)

First Hand      June 19th - June 23rd    
Second Hand June 24th - June 28th
Third Hand June 29th - July 3rd
Fourth Hand July 4th - July 8th
Fifth Hand July 9th - July 13th
    Fourth Passage   July 14th - July 18th

Fifth Month

In Ar and certain other Cities, Kajurlia is celebrated on Aug. 12th. The love feast then beginning on the 13th for 5 days.

First Hand      July 19th -  July 23rd    
Second Hand July 24th - July28th
Third Hand July 29th - Aug. 2nd
Fourth Hand Aug. 3rd -   Aug. 7th
Fifth Hand Aug. 8th - Aug. 12th
    Fifth Passage   Aug 13th - Aug. 17th

Sixth Month

First Hand     Aug. 18th - Aug. 22nd    
Second Hand Aug. 23rd - Aug. 27th
Third Hand Aug. 28th - Sept. 1st
Fourth Hand Sept 2nd - Sept 6th
Fifth Hand Sept 7th - Sept 11th
    Sixth Passage   Sept 12th - Sept 16th

Month of Se'Kara (The Second Turning)

First Hand      Sept 17th - Sept 21st    
Second Hand Sept 22nd - Sept 26th
Third Hand Sept 27th - Oct 1st
Fourth Hand Oct 2nd - Oct 6th
Fifth Hand Oct 7th - Oct 11th
    Seventh Passage   Oct 12th - Oct 16th

Eighth Month

First Hand        Oct 17th - Oct 21st       
Second Hand Oct 22nd - Oct 26th
Third Hand Oct 27th - Oct 31st
Fourth Hand Nov 1st - Nov 5th
Fifth Hand Nov 6th - Nov 10th
    Eighth Passage   Nov 11th - Nov 15th

Ninth Month

First Hand      Nov 16th - Nov 20th    
Second Hand Nov 21st - Nov 25th
Third Hand Nov 26th - Nov 30th
Fourth Hand Dec 1st - Dec 5th
Fifth Hand Dec 6th - Dec 10th
    Ninth Passage   Dec 11th - Dec 15th

Month of Se'Var ( The Second Resting)

First Hand      Dec 16th - Dec 20th    
Second Hand Dec 21st - Dec 25th
Third Hand Dec 26th - Dec 30th
Fourth Hand Dec 31st - Jan 4th
Fifth Hand Jan 5th - Jan 9th
    Tenth Passage   Jan 10th - Jan 14th

Eleventh Month

First Hand        Jan 15th - Jan 19th       
Second Hand Jan 20th - Jan 24th
Third Hand Jan 25th - Jan 29th
Fourth Hand Jan 30 - Feb 3rd
Fifth Hand Feb 4th - Feb 8th
   Eleventh Passage   Feb 9th - Feb 13th

Twelfth Month

Some celebrate Kajuralia on March 15th.

First Hand       Feb 14th - Feb 18th        
Second Hand Feb 19th - Feb 23rd
Third Hand Feb 24th - Feb 28th
Fourth Hand March 1st - March 5th
Fifth Hand March 6th - March 10th
   Twelfth Passage     March 11th - March 15th 

The Waiting Hand

March 16th - March 20th

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