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I built this page after realizing that a large portion of the results achieved through search engines when typing in the word "Buell" largely results in total crap.  This is what I believe to be the best index of Buell related links.

About me -

I am a salesman for Patriot Harley Davidson in Fairfax, VA.  I am a Buell S-3 owner and have been riding Harley Davidson powered motorcycles for ten years.  I have been working in the motorcycle industry for a year now, first starting in the parts department of Harley Davidson of Annapolis, MD.  I feel that my experience with motorcycles has lent me a certain amount of discretion in assembling this index.  If you know of a website that should be listed here, please email me to let me know.

High Performance Parts -

Storz Performance

Race Applications Monaco - Makes single-sided swingarm

Hyperpro USA - Has suspension products for Buells. Website only lists products for ’94 models, not sure if the company has products for newer models.

Aerocharger - Makes turbocharger for Buells

Baker Drivetrain -  Makes a kickass six-speed transmission for Sportster and Buell Motorcycles

Dynojet/ Powercommander - Makes a really effective programming module for fuel-injected Buells

Accessories -

American Sportbike

West Tek, Inc. - Offers a number of accessories/ hi-po parts for Buells

Cruz Tools  - Kickass tool kit for Buells

Hot Grips - Heated handgrips

JAGG - Makes Oil coolers for Buells

Streetwise - Makes tons of carbon-fiber stuff

Corbin - Seats

Recall Info -

Rear Shocks on 1999/2000 Models


Fuel Vent Valve

Reviews - (I have taken it upon myself to not include any of the thousands of "reviews" that merely list the specs of each bike. If you’re interested in that information, please go to I have also refused to list any and all reviews of the Blast! As it is in my opinion an abomination of all that is good and right with Buell Motorcycles.)

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly - Somewhat out-of-date (July 1996) reviews of the Buell Line

Review of the S3

Apparel -

Wildman’s Buell Apparel - Offers a few nifty items of Buell Clothing

General Info -

Buell FAQ

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