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Whats going on with me

Aug 4th, 2003
Well today I decided to make a web page about the crap that happens in my life, and things with my car. I really hope people find this a way to get to know me and what not, well Later!!!!!

Aug 5th, 2003
Well people let me get everyone cought up on the shit that has happend to me in the past oh lets say 7 months.1st, Vickie my Ex-girlfriend left me, because i have an opinion about her hanging out with some guys she had met.2nd, my car get hit in the goddamn parking lot at my apartment complex, and that was about $6,000 to fix. And the worst thing is that the lady could not speak any damn english.3rd I started going to ITT Tech in Chantilly, I really like that school. 4th, My car gets broken into, not once but twice, and the 2nd time I ended up with a broken window. 5th, I need a JOB!!!!6th, I NEED MONEY!!!. Well I guess that gets everyone cought up. Well later people.