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The Integra

Ok people, This page your going to find the info on my INTEGRA!!! And soon I will have a picture of the Integra.

1998 Honda Integra (yes I said HONDA that is what it is)
Things I have done: AEM Cold air Intake, DC 4-1 Headers, Ground Control Coil overs, 17th Tenzo-R Passion 5 wheel, Bomex body kit, and Tanabe Super Race Medallion Exhaust.

Things I am going to do: Greddy Turbo kit, Poistons, rings, rods, back to sleeper mode (no body kit), New wheels Ro-ja formual 5, Tokico Shocks, and Springs, Anit sways.. Thats it for now.

Bad Things that have happend: 1. Car hits my Car rear end damage is $6,000, Integra is gone for about 2 1/2 months.2 Car gets broken into CD player=GONE.3. Car gets broken into again=broken window, and someone trys to take the body kit.