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Bartrix Barrios and Her Long Nailed Friends
Bartrix Barrios and Her Long Nailed Friends
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Welcome to My Photo Album.Its New and I hope You Like it and my Long Nailed Friends.
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your nails are utterly gorgeous-when and where in tampa could i find you or someonelike you
rob | | March 29, 2006

bubba | ost@AOL.COM | April 01, 2006

love those hands round my tool mail me
archie | | July 15, 2006

Just great I have a long nailed goddes for a wife and we both love the reaction that all twenty of her long curly nails get. Keep it up for all of the claw lovers in the world
doug | malindanailslover | September 04, 2006

this is pretty much the most disgusting website I have ever seen in my entire life. Ever. Cut those nasty, dirty nails!!!
EWWWW | no thanks! | November 05, 2007

love your long beautiful nails please do you have yahoo mess
james | | November 03, 2008