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Our Adoptions//

Welcome to The Bat Shack. The site is getting revamped up a little so please be check back often.
The Bat Shack site is based around a adoption service kinda like "adopt a demon." I seen the site and I was in awe. So i decided i would make a adoption site. Since i couldnt really use demons and the like. I chose bats. I seen alot of these bats on alot of clipart and halloween sites. So i decided to use them on this one.
If you like the site please add our banner to your site via our banner exchange.
If you have a bat image we dont have please contact me at Im always looking to add to my cages and if you have something i dont why not share?
All bat wranglers will be given full credit for adding to my collection. And if you want to you can become a member of the bat shack staff by helping out.
So have fun and enjoy these bats as much as i had fun catching them for our cages.
-Wi5eM4N Site Administrator and Webmaster

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