6-5-02 - Haha, I'm back! Did ya miss me? I was so upset that I didn't get to talk to you since last week! FIrst of all the guilds were down, and second of all I was in Cape Cod for school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! But i'm back and the 46 members?! ^_^ Awesome!! Hehe! YOU GURLIES ARE AWESOME! ^_~

5-27-02 - Ok! Council was chosen, and I"m just glad no one was so mad that they decided to leave! Congrats to everyone and I mean everyone for being such nice ppl to me and Beck! We're going to have a second council soon so don't think you don't have another chance! Thnx!

05-27-02 Hey vivagals! :) It's Rebecca, or midnight_roses here! We'll be choosing council members when we reach the goal of 35 awesome members...and we'll have to have a guild party to get to know one another! :)

5-27-02 - Bad news! I've taken down the contests page. :( Why? It never occured to me that neopets was gonna have a rule about not having contests of any kinds! XP Geez, lol...but on the brighter side, we currently have 30 awesome, active members! You gurls totally rock! *smooches* LOL! I really love each and every one of you becuz you are all such vIvaCiOuS gurls! LOL!

5-24-02 - New layout featuring Mandy Moore! Woohoo! lol! Thought it was time for a change..hope you like it! ^_^

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