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The Squee Revolution

Billy's Infinite Wisdom(so pay attention)
The opinions expressed here within are solely those of Me and if you don't like it tough cookies.

3/05/05 of course u can tell this is outdated, i'm looking to update it when i get the chance sometime soon, so be patient, good things take time.
Well i figured it was time to do another one of these update things since you guys liked the last one so much. I figured what would be more fitting since my first year at college is coming to an end slowly but surely than to enlighten you with what i have learned in this past year of experience. (Not in any particular order, just as i think of them) 1)It doesn't matter how loud you play your music, sing, or drum on your keyboard in my case because a) They can't do crap about it, and b) the r.a's(the people on each floor that make sure no one kill each other) couldn't care less and are never there when you need them anyway. 2)There are three types of people, The Crazy people, The Creepy people, and everyone else, i suggest that you stick with the latter. 3)There arent any "exciting dorms" because nobody ever has their door open and the ones that do you dont wanna go in there. 4)No one knows what the hell they are doing, so dont let them make you think otherwise. 5)Their second year every girl wants to be in an apartment and have a puppy. Ah, then half the world would have a puppy, wouldn't that just be lovely. 6)For the love of God, please learn how to throw a frisbee, i mean practice or something before you go and make a fool out of yourself. 7)That your first semester your roomates always gonna be horrible(even if you room with a friend from high school because you'll end up hating each other) and your classes are gonna suck, just depends on how long you can take it. 8) That there is always someone stupider than you(you'd be suprised, there's even someone even for you steven).This one girl came to english and all that we had to do is bring the outline for this paper, and she came to class without the outline. It wasn't just that she forgot it in her room, she forgot to print it out, ah the stupidity is astounding. 9)That eight o'clock in the morning is way too freaking early. 10)If you think you have it bad, just be lucky that you dont have a roomate like me, who just plays linkin park all day;). 11) The two most common phrases you'll hear on campus are "omg did you see their away msg" and "I hate my roomate". 12) The professors cuss, how cool is that. 13)The elevator in the dorm never works, and there's two buttons that you can push. The up button or the down if u push the up button the light doesn't come on and the button doesn't go in all the way. On the other hand if you get creative and push the down button(which is my personal favorite) the button lights up, but doesnt do anything. So you either have the satisfaction of pushing the button that makes you think that you have done something and you really haven't, or you can push the button that you think you haven't done anything and you have. Don't you just love what our tax dollars are going towards?? Well i think that's all that most of our human brains can possibly comprehend at the moment, so i better leave you on that note. later

Hey everyone, I'm trying my best to make a website(ya i know this might take awhile), i hope that you enjoy it and all the spelling errors that come along with it. And if you have any comments just let me know.
4/5/04 Ya Ya, i haven't updated in a while, i've been busy so what can i say, so sue me. Well i hope you all enjoy the new picture and hopefully soon i'm going to add my roomate's paper on here with this girls insane corrections that she did to it. I mean she like added a whole nother paper with how much writing she did. Well she is in the Honor's program so what do u expect lol. And guess what, he still got a 90, so that's women for ya, never listen to them;). Later
2/23/04 Hey, hope everyone's valentines day went better than expected. Been pretty busy lately with going to classes like every college kid does. Can't wait till spring break on march 13th and then get out may 7th i think, so i'll get to have my b-day(may 25th in case u forgot) and that'll be alot of fun. Getting ready to go to class like usual and probably going to go see passion of the christ sneak preview tonight. Have a good day and till next time remember, Jesus loves you and everything we have is by his grace.
1/22/04 Happy New Year everybody, i hope that you had a good Christmas and all that, only comment for right now is that my roomate has moved out(guess he didnt like my taste in music) and i've redecorated the room so it looks alot better. Now all i need is some posters and such, i'll get around to that sometime. And finally, i hope everyone notices i changed my song choices:).
11/23/03 The weekend was great, right now i'm just waiting for thanksgiving to arrive and then Christmas will be right around the corner. Oh and the reason i haven't left yet is because i have an exam on monday at 5, ya, how much does that suck?? that's what i thought. But it doesnt matter i'll be home soon, unlike those slackers at Tech who are already home, but nobody cares about them anyways so. Well i hope you like the site and i'll be changing my song list around sometime soon, so don't forget to take a look at that, later.
11/19/03 Hmm, gonna try a daily log thingy and see how that goes. Don't worry i won't whine or complain or yell at anyone particular too much. Let me know what you think. Well lets see it rained today, and rain sucks. Question for the day: Do you like the rain? oh, u do? What the hell is wrong with u?!?!
The Ten (Annoying)Ways That People Aim
There are many ways that people choose to use Aim, some are good, but some are annoying as hell. Let me shed some light on them for you people that are new. 1.The type of people who are always on but always, always, always have an away message up.It's like a sin against God if they don't. 2.The people who are always on but talk to so many people at once that it's like they just sign on and leave the computer completely. 3.The ones who always IM you as soon as you get on and if you don't respond within five seconds they IM you so many times until your computer freezes. 4.Those who are on alot but when you talk to them it's like talking to a brick wall that only says yes, no, and k. 5.The people who always sign on and then when you IM them they say brb and never come back, and of course they dont put up an away msg even though thats what it's there for! 6.The people who are new to aim and don't yet grasp the concept of an away message(college students). They just come and go as they please, and it's like playing the lottery to get a response. 7.The people who only get on like once a month and they act like they get on all the time. 8.Those who are on most of the time but you can't stand talking to them because they make so many spelling errors and typos that it seems like they dont know the english language. 9.The people who change their sn every week(God that's so annoying). 10.The people who get on and they are so busy that 5 mins. later they get off because they have to go do something. Why did they even get on?? my thoughts exactly. So next time when you hit that sign on button, ask yourself if your doing one of these things because chances are it's really freaking annoying, so stop.

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