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About Anamanx

"OLTAGHEY" , Welcome to AnaManx's Cattery!
"An A Manx's" shall be graced with pride, dignity and honor! This is this principal that the wonderful cat from the Isle of Man deserves and the one our cattery is founded on.

AnaManx is a small family cattery located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. All of our manx friends are raised in our home with lots of attention and love. I have chosen the color purple as my cattery colors. The color purple is linked to royalty, wisdom, creativity, luxury and mystery. Purple has a special, almost sacred place in nature: lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are often delicate and considered very precious!

My introduction and love of the Manx breed started over twenty years ago in a little town in Georgia (Valdosta) just north of the Florida border. When my family and I visited a small Pet store and fell in love with a cat that had just a little rise of a tail. Mandy loved to go with us everywhere, he went with me to pick up my kids at school every afternoon. He knew he was not a cat, and we didn't own him - he allowed us to keep him company. Shortly after that our vet told us of female calico and white long haired Rumpy that needed a home; our family became blessed with two Manx. Then our family was blessed on Labor Day, 1986, with a Cameo rumpy; that I named Andre' after the Champagne. He touched my heart from the moment he was born; we were lucky enough to be able to take him with us to Germany when Desert Storm stared and he moved back with me to the Virginia; (where I was born) with my two children and a teacup Yorkie, named Michelle in 1992. My heart broke when we lost Andre in 2002 after an almost 5 year battle with cancer.

After finding the VAS support group from a link on Romanxx's web site; I with the help of some special Manx's breeders, and the kind words and support of the VAS group; filled the emptiness in my heart and found Mynney Mynx, who I am honored to have Champaign in Richmond on April 19, 2004. Mynney was quite the little queen and seemed to enjoy showing her stuff. I hope that I can follow in the footsteps of many good breeders in letting the world know how special the Manx breed is. And the Manx Breed is truly a Royal Breed of Felines!

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GURA MIE (thank you)  

"Shannon for this wonderful new look!"