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The Alcohol Exposed Foundation is located in Monroe County Mississippi.



   The courses listed below comprise a cell structure of our course material. We routinely adapt these presentations to fit the audience, and to satisfy the needs of the training provider, our clients. We conduct many peripheral training programs not listed below, by special request. Time required for presentation(s) will vary with regard to requirements of clients and requirements of Federal/State regulations where applicable.

   Please keep in mind that our presentations are often quite lively. Some situations, experiences and methods of use covered are humerous to say the least, therefore spontaneous laughter is typical at times.

Alcohol Exposed
   The science behind the drinking! An entirely different and personal approach to alcohol abuse prevention, this presentation reveals the true dynamic character of the chemical ethyl alcohol, from manufacture through its impact on body organs & tissues. This material is not about someone else.

The Science of Addiction
   An in-depth look at physiology and pharmacology involving the consumption of alcohol. Other drug addiction is included, with an overview of addiction related neuro-biology. This material targets recovery programs, other secondary prevention programs and those with a desire to learn more about the affliction, character and reasons for addiction. A favorite among counselors, program managers and substance abuse professionals.

Introduction to Street Drugs
   Providing an overview of the history, culture, slang and use of each common street drug, this presentation focuses upon the behavior of each drug and its interaction with the human body. Subject street drugs include: Marijuana, Cocaine/Crack, Amphetamine/Methamphetamine, Heroin, PCP, Ecstacy and other club drugs.

REASONABLE SUSPICION / Substance Abuse Recognition for Supervisors
This material includes the physical, behavioral, speech and performance indicators, as well as the physiological, mood/personality and clinical changes associated with the use of stimulants, depressants, hallucingogens and psycho-hypnotic substances commonly in use. Critical performance, decision making, and safety issues are emphasized. This training covers both alcohol and street drug use, and exceeds requirements of DOT/FMCSA 49 CFR §382.603, and Fed.Transit Admin. regulation §655.14, both requiring such training for supervisors and company officials. (Ref. 49 CFR §382.307(c) "Reasonable Suspicion Testing".)

Substance Abuse Personal Resistance Training
    Termed "secondary prevention" as opposed to "primary prevention", this course includes basic alcohol and drug abuse prevention education, with techniques and strategies for coping with urges, specifically the cravings which cause relapse. This training addresses the sources and stimulation causing cravings, and teaches methods to avoid circumstances which may create "cue induced cravings". We know that education empowers people, and much power is needed to overcome the yearning of the dependent human brain.

   Each alcohol/substance abuse prevention presentation is adapted to the audience. We serve industrial plants and fleets for DOT, FTA and other required training, Universities on and off campus and in prevention programs within the U.S. and territories. Now serving U.S. Armed Forces units in the Mid-South and surrounding area, and in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

Substance abuse prevention training at Joel Auditorium, Walter Reed Army Medical Center.