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Mount Vernon Plantation
Science-based training examines effects upon the brain as well as other organs / tissues of the body.
Mount Vernon Plantation



The Alcohol Exposed Foundation is dedicated to promoting safety in U.S. workplaces through alcohol and substance abuse education.

Responsible decisions regarding substance use by working individuals will increase safety in the workplace and enhance quality of life for employees and their families. These personal decisions will also impact domestic violence, child abuse and neglect in our homes.

Over 70% of America's substance abusers hold jobs. Our training empowers people to make responsible decisions, and has been motivational in their seeking help through EAP programs.

Science Based Motivation!

No disaster stories, mortality statistics or attempts to intimidate here. This training is not about other people's calamities or tragedies. The Alcohol Exposed Foundation presents people with a completely different look at alcohol and drugs of abuse. This science-based approach to substance abuse training provides an enjoyable and positive opportunity to learn the chemicals' behavior in the body. The manufacture of alcohol, scientific properties, human physiological reactions and the process of chemical breakdown in the body are explored with easy to understand visual demonstration, explanation, and with impact. As a result, these substances become dynamic and impressive at a personal level. Everyone with an interest in the performance and longevity of the body which they operate and maintain will have their attention riveted by this training. We have drinking down to a science!

Please keep in mind that our presentations are often quite lively. Some situations, experiences and methods of use covered are humerous to say the least, therefore spontaneous laughter is typical at times. Street drugs covered include: Marijuana, Cocaine/Crack, Amphetamine/Methamphetamine, PCP, Heroin, Ecstasy and other club drugs.

Each alcohol/substance abuse prevention presentation is adapted to the audience. We serve industrial plants and fleets for DOT, FTA and other required training, Universities on and off campus and in prevention programs within the U.S. and territories. Now serving U.S. Armed Forces units in the Mid-South and surrounding area, and in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

Mr. Tazelaar Speaks to returning combat soldiers at Gulf Coast Coliseum, Biloxi MS.
Mississippi National Guard "Yellow Ribbon" training at Meridian's Grand Opera House.