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They Served With Honor's: SOURCES and LINKS page

There are many people to thank for the information that I have gathered for this project.  Without their help I would have never gotten this project off the ground. However I would especially like to thank the following people:


Mr.Cliff Garboden, Sr, Yn1/c,  USS Roche DE 197

Mr. John Caparanis, Capt. B/331st

Mr. Robert L. Parsons, Jr, MSgt, F/331st, he will be missed!

Mrs. Lynell Winstanley, Department of Veterans affairs, Roanoke, VA

Mr. John (Biff) Bifano, 

Mr. Marion Jereb , Sgt, C/301st

Ken Laesser EMCM, USCG(Ret), 

Tom Gentry CW05 USA(Ret), Tsingtao Veteran

Mr. Norman Kruse. 1st Lt. B/331st

Mr. Dave Curry

Mr. Kevin Harris.

Mr. A. Cleveland Harrison, Pfc, B/301st

Mr. Howard P. Rives, 1st Lt. D/301st 

Honorable Nancy L .Johnson, Congreeswoman (R)CT

Mrs. Robin Rittinger, Congresswoman Nancy L .Johnson (R)CT, assistant

Mr. Klaus Shulz-Military Historian and Huertgen Forest Guide

Mr. Albert Trostorf-Military Historian and Huertgen Forest(North) Guide

Mr. Ron van Rijt-Military Historian and Huertgen Forest(South) Guide

Mr.James Decker, FAW-4-HEDRON-PATSU 4-6, and VP-62

Mr.James Gill, USCGT Hemlock, USCGC McLane, and USCGC Cyane

Mr.James Mitchell, USS Roche DE-197

Mrs. Pat Northcutt, DESA webmaster

Mrs. Kathleen Larkin - Prince Rupert Library, Prince Rupert B.C.

Mr. Jeremy D'Entremont, New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide, history of Deer Island Light.

Mr. Robert Hill, 723rd ROB Webmaster

Mr. Ron Enders, Congresswoman Nancy L .Johnson (R)CT, assistant

Mr. Bill and Jim Hollarn, T/4, and son 744th Railway Operating Battalion 

And of course my family, without their love, help, and understanding none of this would have been possible.


"A History of 3rd Platoon Company B, 1st Battalion, 331st regiment, 83rd Infantry Division"
1990 Norman L. Kruse, Privately published, no place of publication.

"WE SAW IT THROUGH; History of the Three Thirty First Combat Team. Today, Tomorrow, Forever".
1945 Jack M. Straus

"329 Buckshot Infantry Regiment," edited by Daniel P. O'Connor. Published in Germany, 1945. 

After Action Reports; 331st Infantry Regiment
U.S. Army, Washington National Records Center

Brokaw, Tom. "The Greatest Generation." New York: Randon House, 1998.

Blumenson, Martin. "Breakout and Pursuit: The US Army in World War II, European Theater of Operations." courtesy of John"Biff" Bifano (Thanks Biff!)

Hayhow, Ernie, Sgt. "Thunderbolt Across Europe: A History of the 83rd Infantry Division, 1942-1945." Munich: F. Bruckman KG, 1992.

U.S. Naval Institute Press, Photographic section, Annapolis ,MD

Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional Office Roanoke , VA

"The Battle of the Atlantic", Barrie Pitt and the Editors of the Time-Life Books, 1977

"In Defense Of A Nation: Servicewomen in World War II, Major General Jeanne M. Holm, USAF(ret), Vandemere Press, c. 1998

"The War At Sea 1939-1945", Jurgen Rohwer, 1992

"World War II at Sea", Colin McIntyre, 1990

"Prelude to Pearl Harbor: war in China, 1937-41 Japan's rehearsal for WWII", Col. Roy M. Stanley II, USAF, 1982

"Guardians of the Light: stories of the U.S. Lighthouse Keepers", Elinor De Wire, 1995

"Guardians of the Sea: History of the U.S. Coast Guard 1915 to the Present", Robert Erwin Johnson, 1987

U.S. Coast Guard Historians Office

History of the Atlantic war, Coast Guard pamphlet, Robert M. Browning, Jr

A History of Bouys and Tenders, Coast Guard pamphlet, Amy K. Marshall

History of the 94th Infantry Division in World War II, by Laurence G. Byrnes,  Battery Press, c. 1948

The Soldier-Railroaders' Story of the 716th
Railway Operating Battalion, by William P. Nutter,  Stuttgart, Germany Belser, c.1946.

Railroading in Eighteen countries: The story of the American Railroad men serving in the Military Railway Service from 1862-1953. Carl R. Gray, Jr. Charles Scribner's Son's, New York, c. 1955


book.jpg (60058 bytes)

"REMEMBRANCES - My Journey Through a War"
by Sgt. Robert L. Parsons, (All proceeds go to the FOREST HILLS BAPTIST CHURCH)
To order write to Mrs. Robert L. Parsons at:
2401 McIntyre Court
Franklin, Tennessee 37069-6953 "Sarge" Parsons personal account of his time with F Company, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry division.



"UNSUNG VALOR; a GI's Story of World War II", A. Cleveland. Harrison, a well written book about the author's adventures with the 94th Infantry Division during WWII.




"DUEL FOR FRANCE", Blumenson, Martin, Da Capo Pr; c. 2001, Thoroughly researched book from Blumenson who also wrote the U.S. Army's official "Green Book" Breakout and Pursuit, on the campaign in Northern France and Brittany.




"ENTERING GERMANY"(1944-1949), Tony Vaccaro, Taschen America Lic, c. 2001. Tony's wonderful pictures from his time with the 83rd Division and after during the  occupation.



"PATTON'S GHOST CORPS", By Nathan Prefer, Presidio Press, 1998, a well researched and vivid portrayal of the XX Corps efforts during the Siegfried Line Campaign.  A great deal of information on the 94th Infantry Division.




"The Aleutian Warriors : A History of the 11th Air Force & Fleet Air Wing 4/Part 1"
by John Haile Cloe, Alaska Chapter- Air Force Association and the Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, c. 1990. Immense historical account of the U.S. efforts in Alaska during WWII. very well documented history of a little known Theatre of Operations. 




"United States Railway Service: America's Soldier-Railroaders of WWII", by Don Devi and Bob Hall, Stoddart Publishing, 1992, Excellent reference on the little known but invaluable story of the Soldier-Railroaders of the U.S. Military Railway Service. 



Some information and images for this site were obtained from the internet. The sole purpose of this site is to tell my family's story. I have provided links to most sites I have obtained information from. However,  if I missed linking to your  website or if any material is copyrighted and the owner wishes the material to be removed. just E-mail me and I will be happy do so.


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