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* 94th Infantry Division * Northern France * Rhineland * Ardennes-Alsace * Central Europe *

John W. Ryan, Jr's Photo Album

    This photo album is from the personal collection of 2nd Lieutenant John W. Ryan, Jr who served with the 301st as a Reconnaissance Officer in 2nd battalion, 301st Infantry regiment's Anti-Tank platoon.  His son Mark has been gracious enough to let me use the photographs for the They Served With Honor's website. Hold mouse pointer over photograph to view Jack's own caption then click on the thumbnail photographs below to view enlarged picture.

2nd Lt. John W. Ryan, 2nd battalion, 301st Infantry, Anti Tank Platoon.

2nd Lt. John W. Ryan, Jr.

Brothers in arms, Lorient Pocket, Northern France Campaign 1944

 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, Anti-Tank Company      Captain Herman Straub of Wisc.  Former Co. Comdr. of B/301st who was captured during the battle of Orscholz on January 20, 1945.

Lake at Kraut Camp, France 1944  Inside Blown Pillbox, France, 1944  Rear View of Pillbox, France 1944  Man in Jeep, PFC Bill Clarke, France, 1944

Ardennes-Alsace Campaign, "Siegfried Switch", Germany 1945

Serrig, Germany, 1945, Saar River crossing site of the 301st Inf. Right Bank was mined and full of pillboxes. Notice blown bridge.  Saarlautern, Germany, 1945, A typical street view in Saarlautern Germany. The whole town looked like this.  "Weasel" Faha Germany, Robertson, S. Chaffee, and Doc Ross in Weasel at Faha, Germany

Rhineland and Central Europe Campaign, Germany 1945

Schillingen, Germany , 1945,  Doc Ross, S. Chaffe and F. Sinisgalli in Schillingen. Krauts threw 88's at us in this village.  Solingen, Germany, 1945, View of center of Solingen, Germany in the Rhineland. What horror,entire main section of the city looked like this.  OP on the Rhine, An occupied position in a sugar factory on the Rhine River near Krefeld, Across the river is part of the "Ruhr Pocket" where we were firing.     


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