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Edmond Louis Arruda or "Uncle Eddie" as the family knows him served in the Coast Guard for twenty-one years including World War II  I do not have the specifics of Ed's service because of his missing service records. I do know that he served on the  Bouy Tenders Shrub W-244 and Lotus W-229 in the late 1930's and at Deer Island Light just prior to America's entry in WWII. Since Ed was stationed in New England during the outbreak of hostilities so I have included a Special Page on the history of the Coast Guard's involvement in the Battle of the North Atlantic during World War II. The battle of the Atlantic was raging all around New England during the time he was stationed there.  Ed was transferred from the East coast to Hawaii in 1942 but his asthma prevented him from completing his assignment so he was reassigned to the U.S. Coast Guard station in Ketchikan, Alaska for the remaining 20 months of the war. Alaska was the site of the Aleutian Islands Campaign or the "Forgotten war" This is his story.  U.S. Lighthouse Service: Pre-WWII
hemlock.jpg (10853 bytes)  WWII - U.S. Coast Guard - Ketchikan, Alaska
JupiterInlet.jpg (23026 bytes)  Post World War II - Lighthouse Keeper, Tug Boat Captain
U- Boat victim  Special: USCG in The Battle for the Atlantic
alaska5a.jpg (86214 bytes)     Special: Uncle Eddie's Scrapbook
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