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Virginia Commonwealth University

The Gamma Sigma chapter at VCU was founded in 1979. Phi Sigma Sigma is the oldest sorority on VCU's campus.

Well it took me awhile to update this page well at least this line anyway. Congratulations to new members. Good to all in the new year.

Founders Creed

To you, Founders' of Phi Sigma Sigma, who gave us being and meaning on the twenty-sixth of November, in the year of 1913, we dedicate anew your fraternity in its present extent. To the brotherhood of man and the alleviation of the world's pain, twin ideals which drew you together, we repledge ourselves with new fervor. Witness to your reverence of the goal you set for us, this day shall see a nationwide votary, when all chapters of Phi Sigma Sigma shall do homage unto you and shall devote themselves in act and in belief to the selfless giving which knows no creed.

Phi Sigma Sigma Membership

Our efforts are directed to attracting a unique type of sister; a special kind of woman who is involved in her sorority, on her campus and in her community; a woman who cares for her growth, the growth of her sisters, and the growth of the community. We seek a woman who is willing to commit herself to the goals of Phi Sigma Sigma; a woman who becomes involved and excited by the potential of personal growth and lifelong friendships. Our Founders came together to form a sorority based on friendship. Likewise, when we extend our bid, we do so because we will be proud to call you sister and welcome your friendship. In a world where women face challenges personally and professionally, we provide a place where you are welcomed, supported and encouraged to reach your full potential.

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