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VBA PO Box 480 Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

Building Better Bulls

VBA Board of Directors

VBA President

Carlos Woods
VBA Vice-President Monty Hendrix
VBA Sr. Director Paula Zuniga
VBA Director Erin Cox
VBA Secretary/Treasurer Anita Fuller

VBA Officers

VBA Judge/Representative Debbie Pittman
VBA Show Coordinator Karen Cox
VBA Promoters Erin & Karen Cox
VBA Judge/Representative Shaun McNeil
VBA Promoter Steve & Debbie Hegarty
VBA Judge Angelo Silver
VBA Judge Edward Lucero



Olde Victorian Bulldogges

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VBA Member 

With the support of VBA Members the VBA will continue to better the bulldogges within the VBA. The VBA will have 4 to 6 shows per year that will showcase the Olde Victorian Bulldogges as well as the VBA's Olde Bulldogges , we will offer the newsletter & video along with VBA products that consist of collars, leads, dog beds, bulldogge pins and more. Your membership fees along with your registration fees will help to provide funds for events and products sponsored by the VBA. Your funds will  help with VBA advertisements and also the VBA's rescue program.  You will be able to share ideas that will help to promote the VBA as well as any ideas that will effect the future of the VBA.

VBA Members

Caleb Anderson Texas
Aleta Jenkins Maine
Scott Sherry Maine
Kenneth Parker Texas
Robert Santiago Florida
Erin & Karen Cox North Carolina
Cornelious Torrence Texas
Shaun McNeil North Carolina
Louis Woodard Florida
Carlos & Anita Woods North Carolina
Monty Hendrix North Carolina
Paula Zuniga California
Debbie & Marshall Pittman Georgia
Ed Lucero New Mexico
Angelo Silver New Mexico
Mark Miller [Reg. Kennel] Canada
Steve & Debbie Hegarty [Reg. Kennel] Canada
Stephen & Danny Anderson [Reg. Kennel] Texas
Kelly Munroe Canada
Brandy Earl North Carolina
John Dodson Maryland
Louis & Leigh Edwards [Reg. Kennel] Texas
Stephane Provencher Canada


To become a VBA Member click on the membership application link below. Print the form, fill it out and mail it to: VBA PO Box 480 Pisgah Forest, NC 28768. Please allow 2 weeks for your application to be processed. Your membership fee will be 50.00 per year and will be used to benefit and promote the VBA. There are many benefits of becoming a member which is listed below.

Membership Application



1.   Post pictures of dogges or puppies on the VBA board as long as they are VBA Registered
2.   Copy of By-Laws
3.   VBA Pin
4.   VBA members card
5.   Free Newsletter
6.   3.00 off of VBA Registration; 1/2 off if registering 5 or more dogges at a time
7.   1/2 off Kennel Ad space in Newsletter
8.   VBA Reg. Kennels will automatically be listed as members 
9. Copy of VBA Roster for VBA Members & Registered Kennels
10. You will be invited to share in the planning of shows
11. You will be invited to write & find articles for the newsletter
12. You will be listed on the VBA page as a member & or Registered Kennel with a picture of your dogge posted on the page
13. VBA Members can help with VBA dogge rescue
14. VBA Members can help with views on the VBA Message board
15. VBA Members can participate in the VBA Inspection Program
16. VBA Members to participate in the inspection of VBA Registered Kennels in a certain area may be asked to visit or inspect a kennel before it is approved as a VBA Registered Kennel.
17. VBA Inspection fees will be paid to the VBA Inspectors.