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Victorian Bulldogge Association & Registry

The Olde Victorian Bulldogge Sets The Standard!

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BamBam14months.jpg(75436 bytes)Bozz16months.jpg (17285 bytes)

The Legendary Bam Bam and My Bulldogges CH BozzaDaBull.


The Victorian Bulldogge Assoc. & Registry Message Board


All bulldogges pictured are owned and bred by VBA members!

Brandi20months.jpg(58480 bytes)Brandi Beefmaster3mths.jpg(74996 bytes)Beefmaster Suenomi16months.jpg(97042 bytes)Suenomi
Martha.jpg(58480 bytes)Martha My Bulldogges Gomit.jpg(74996 bytes)Gromit Beefy11months.jpg(97042 bytes)Beefy
Shamu28months.jpg(58480 bytes)Shamu BamBam17months.jpg(74996 bytes)BamBam Josie27months.jpg(97042 bytes)Josie
Les.gif (58480 bytes)Lester Porky.gif (74996 bytes)Porky H3.gif (97042 bytes)Hoss
My Bulldogges Jowles.jpg (22313 bytes)Jowles LilBit(72242 bytes)MB's LilBit Winston.gif (132108 bytes)Winston
Olde Glory's Doezee.jpg(58480 bytes)Doezee Olde Glory's Odie.jpg(74996 bytes)Odie Olde Glory's Poptart.jpg(97042 bytes)C. Poptart
Gladiator's Rizza.jpg(58480 bytes)Rizza Otto's Roxy.jpg(74996 bytes)Roxy Gladiator's Soldier.jpg(97042 bytes)Soldier
Gladiator's Pebbles.jpg(58480 bytes)Pebbles Hopperton's Otis.jpg(74996 bytes)Otis MB's Battle of Olde Glory.jpg(97042 bytes)Battle
My Bulldogges Foxy.jpg(58480 bytes)Foxy My Bulldogges Dyna.jpg(74996 bytes)Dyna My Bulldogges Glory.jpg(97042 bytes)Glory
Otis.gif (151350 bytes)Otis Budda.jpg (31377 bytes)Budda Teardrop.jpg (34264 bytes)Teardrop
Rocky1.gif (72855 bytes)Rockman Lily.gif (57200 bytes)Lily Dusty.jpg (98012 bytes)Dusty
Ed.jpg (110647 bytes)The Rock Mask.jpg (76299 bytes)Mask  Moe.jpg (62858 bytes)Moe
Rox.jpg (103345 bytes)RoxyIII RoxyIV.jpg (46033 bytes)Roxy IV Dempsey2.jpg (71162 bytes)Dempsey
Patience.jpg (103345 bytes)Patience Broda.jpg (46033 bytes)MB's Broda edie4.jpg (71162 bytes)Cody
2sadie.jpg (29442 bytes) Roxanne Shamu.jpg (44974 bytes)Shamu samson_didi.jpg (38697 bytes) Didi & Sampson
Brody.jpg (29442 bytes) MB's Brody Athena.jpg (44974 bytes)Athena Cartwright.jpg (38697 bytes) Cartwright
Precious.jpg (103345 bytes)Precious Rizza.jpg (46033 bytes)Rizza Elvis1.jpg (71162 bytes)Elvis
Tank.jpg (103345 bytes)Tank Bogy.jpg (46033 bytes)Bogy Rusty.jpg (71162 bytes)Rusty

We hope that you enjoyed your visit here in the gallery. The VBA has Olde Victorian Bulldogges that are second to none, you will not find a better Bulldogge anywhere in the world. To obtain your Olde Victorian Bulldogge, contact the VBA.

The Olde Victorian Bulldogge, Second To None!

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