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Victorian Bulldogge Assoc. & Registry

 Victorian Bulldogge Association & Registry
PO Box 480 Pisgah Forest, NC 28768
Olde Victorian Bulldogges
Bulldogges That Set The Standard!!!! Contact Representatives For The V.B.A

The Victorian Bulldogge Association is committed to creating the
ultimate Victorian Bulldogge, a Bulldogge that has movement,
looks, & temperament. These Bulldogges are created using
formulas that were left by others to follow; make no mistake about
it, the Olde Victorian Bulldogges of the VBA are second to none,
they are as much Victorian as any others found in the world.
Join the efforts of the VBA & Registry in our pursuits of
Building Better Bulldogges!!!!

The VBA offers registration to all bulldogge lovers, send video and or photograph of your bulldogges to one of the VBA's representatives. Bulldogges may also be registered by sending in registration forms of your bulldogge. Bulldogges will be given a VBA registration #, bulldogges that are approved by the VBA's committee of judges will be registered as an Olde Victorian Bulldogge, being given a VB# under the VBA.
The V.B.A will offer 1 or 2 shows per year . Bulldogges entering any shows must be registered with the V.B.A. Contact a representative to send pictures or videos or to receive a registration form.
Classes For Show
V.B.A shows will consist of groups from 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months & an open group. Each group will have best male & female winners, after these winners have been awarded, there will be a best of breed competition for winners 6 months & older. Entry forms must be completed and received by the committee at least 1 month in advance of the show, all shows will be announced on this page. Entry forms can be downloaded by clicking on the Entry Form link on the show announcement page.
Show Standards
Bulldogges being entered into the annual shows should come
as close to the V.B.A Bulldogge Standard as possible because
that is what they will be judged by. The purpose for the V.B.A
shows are to put the bulldogge on display,
bring your best and let all see this.
The Olde Victorian Bulldogge Sets The Standard!!!!