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Preparation for our project work:

Sandra and Veronica had been reading a romantic book about the horse racing industry, and wanted to know if this could be real or just fiction. "Questions popped up, questions that searched for an answer". That was the way we found our topic. We are interested in horses so this was a golden opportunity to get behind the scenes and see horse-life in the UK.


Janet Higgins, tutor/organiser at the University of Manchester, helped us with the project work. She had organized the meetings and she was our support if we needed her. She was the one who had arranged the meeting; with Brenda Astrom, our “gambling-guide” and Peter Levy, a racing journalist.

Higgins had searched the Internet for facts, so she sent us some of the information through e-mail, before we began our journey.


We knew some things about the Grand National. The people in the UK placed 13 million bets on the race, this year.

As many as 40 horses started the race and only 2 finished with their riders.

We have focused on the social aspect of horse racing, and how the sport has developed through time.


We can find facts about the horse racing in books, it is more "cool" to actually have been there and seen the reality!

We wrote some questions that we used as a common base for our meetings/interviews. These questions were the common thread through our work, and some of the questions were answered and some of them were not. But they might be in the future!

Meeting with Brenda

Meeting with Peter



Since there are so many people involved, and it is a money industry, we find similiar difficulties in the horse-racing industry that we can find in a business company, but at a larger scale.

When we compare small Sweden with big Manchester, we must always keep in mind that the city in the UK is much larger and therefore it has safety problems that we, from " safe little Sweden", would not dream of.

We meet the blue-eyed Swedish people, who cannot understand the country unless they widen their perspective. People that do not know should search for information to get the knowledge and therafter make their statement about personal feelings about the horse racing industry.

We discussed horse-racing on several occasions within the group and with other people. We got a wider perspective about things concerning the sport. Veronica thought that they used the horses for economic benefits and she did not like it.

But here in Sweden, are we not doing the very same thing?


Short word glossary:

mated- introducing a stallion to a mare or vice versa

stallion- male horse

mare- female horse

foal- the offspring of a male + female