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Vegan Straight Edge


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This site is dedicated to the Militant Vegan Straight Edge movement. When i say militant i am not refering ot the close minded out there, those who take their convictions way to far resulting in unjustified violence. Militance simply means to have a strong belief,( to stand up for what you believe no matter what) i am a militant. no i do not belong to some left wing political group bent on changing the world by force. however, the world does need to change. we as a society look upon problems and expect them to be fixed with out any actions on our own part. we are a lazy people. Sexism, needs to be gotten rid of. we are all equal in the eyes of God. Racism, the is no room for ignorance in this world. looking down on someone just bedause of their ethnic background is childish and ignorant. how can we learn from one another when we look down on everyone who is not like us? Abortion. Murder. there is no good reason to kill an unborn INNOCENT child who has done nothing but be concieved. why kill somethign that you helped create? a beautiful harmless child whose soul purpose is to learn and grow in a dying world. Straight Edge. yes i am straight edge. no i am not sXe for wanyone else but myself. this is a personal commitment and promise i have made to myself. i took the "oath" when i was 13 years old. this commitment is a strong one. drugs, alcohol, smoking and sex are all escapes from the problems in this world. problems few are willing ot face head on. "i need a cig. to help me relax" sorry, but that is a load of crap. i dont need a cig to help me relax. i dont need to rot my lungs in order to deal with stress. stop making excuses for yourself. "drugs help me think clearer" my foot it does. you cloud ur mind in order to see thigns you don't normally see. how stupid can peopel be? i don't get it. let me poison my body and attempt to function in this world. this society is going to crap. and i will be there with my brothers and sisters to flush it on its way. with that said, take a look through the rest of the site if you care to. XXXpoetry and song page.

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