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Tankha ~ Playa del Carmen ~ Wednesday Day 5

We left the sliding doors open all night sleeping the night away to a wonderful sea breeze and the sound of the waves crashing against the distant reef. The sunrise was extra beautiful to us this morning, it must have been the magic of the area. (right, Bill in Tulsa?) We took a walk up and down the beach looking for shells, then headed back to the room. As we layed in bed waiting for our coffee, a waiter from the restaurant placed a tray outside our door. The coffee had a cinnamon and vanilla taste to it and was pretty good, even black, as there was no cream. We could've have layed around all day gazing at the view and listening to the birds, but we were off to breakfast. Both dinner and breakfast are included with your stay.

What a sunrise!

I just had to get another pic.

We each ordered OJ, scrambled eggs with onions, bell peppers and chile. (no cherizo) Peggy came over to tell us that they tested the eggs and they didn't look good, so Gary went to get more. She treated Ed to a bloody Mary to make up for us waiting. We just sat back enjoying our surroundings while Peggy got ready for a dive in the cenote. Around 11:30am we packed our duffel bag, gave the key back to a waiter at the restaurant and told him to say goodbye to Peggy and Gary for us and left our new found paradise.

The Casa Cenote Restaurant.

The Manatee Cenote.

Next stop...what ever beach looks good on our way north to Playa:>) On the way we noticed 100's of butterflies, then all of a sudden Ed stop the VW. He was pointing at a huge group of the butterflies mating and we both jumped out of the car trying not to disturb their love making. It was amazing they were flying all around us!!

Beautiful black and blue spotted butterflies!

Oscar & Lalo's is a cute restaurant right on the beach. We each ordered a beer and took a nice dip in the sea. It looked like they had a few tours out snorkeling off the reef, so our snorkel equipment remained in the VW. I layed on the beach picking through the sand for these tiny little perfect shells, that were just so small. Off to the next beach:>)

View of Oscar & Lalo's beach.

The dirt road to Xca-cel was full of huge potholes, be careful. At the end of the road, a guard had a chain across the entrance to the beach, so Ed got out of the car to talk to him. They talked a bit, Ed got back in the car, the guard let the chain down and we drove in. Wow! What a beautiful beach! We hung out for a bit, looked for the cenote but couldn't find it, then we both started getting a little hungry. We tipped the guard on the way out and decided to try lunch at Paamul.

The beach at Xca-cel.

The Paamul beach area was deserted except for a few divers at the dive shop. We took a seat in their restaurant and ordered a beer. Ed ordered the mixed cheviche (he can't get enough of the stuff) and for me, the calamari and shrimp. Both our dishes were good. We walked the beach, relaxed under a palapa, then on our way to Playa.

View from their restaurant.

View from the beach looking south.

Around 4:00pm we checked into the La Tortuga in Playa located about a block away from the beach. It was a nice place and we love Playa, but we wished we had stayed another night at the casitas:>) Well, we got over it and decided to take a dip in La Tortuga's pool, then walked the beach and later looked for a lavanderia/laundry to do a small bag of clothes.

View from our balcony at La Tortuga hotel.

That's our room!
Third floor corner with the stairs leading to the roof.

That evening we had dinner at La Parrilla. We split the lime soup and both ordered the Monterey Steak. Everything was cooked perfect and tasted great....Yummy lime soup:>) There was a mariachi band with a female singer playing on the street during dinner, she had such a beautiful voice. When the check came, we used our 10% off coupon I printed out from the internet. We walked up and down 5th stopping into a few places that had bands playing then headed back to our room to check out our roof jacuzzi.

Mariachi's at La Parrilla.

The jacuzzi was great, but there wasn't as many stars like in Tankha, there was just too much light around Playa.

Tomorrow.....a lazy day in Playa and we head back to Cancun.

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