On CD?!? Hellyeah thats right, the "Blunts For Breakfast" album WILL BE ON CD. Originally that shit was suppose to be on tape only, but fuck that, IT WILL BE ON CD!! The album features 20 phat blazin tracks guaranteed to increase your weed habit 80%!! All of the songs on the PSYCHO WEED SMOKIN SAMPLER will be on BFB and also the 3 NEW songs up now (Blunts For Breakfast/ 11:34 AM/Str8 Jack It). The only bad thing is the CDs wont have album covers, but they will have print on the CD's including the track listing. Theres a pro totype of that shit to check out in the 1134 Productions catalog. Speakin of the catalog, BLUNTS FOR BREAKFAST IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER (only 10 bucks plus 3 for shipping). The album will be released SEPTEMBER 12th but if you pre-order it you'll get it by then, maybe even before. THIS SHIT WILL BE FUCKIN BLAZIN!!!!

NEW lyrics are up for the song "Blunts For Breakfast", so be sure to check that shit out. Also the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONZ have been updated. The NEW L.U.CIPHA SHIRTS will be comin' this fall, around OCTOBER. You can vote for which shirts we get made next here. Be sure to check out HEX's Smokin Lounge for an inside/outside look into the 1134 caverns...where stalagtites stab you in the face and bats fly up your ass thinkin its a moldy cave. Finally be sure to check out the LUnatic's toxic webpages located in the LINKS section and also the L.U.Cipha Message Board where you can see what other psycho weed smokin muthafuckaz have to say. You might even be able to find your future wife... but I doubt it. Until next time, you know what time is next. 11:34 muthafucka!

Blunts For Breakfast (real audio - stream)
Blunts For Breakfast (real audio - download)
Blunts For Breakfast (mp3 - lo fi stream)
Blunts For Breakfast (mp3 - hi fi download)

11:34 AM (real audio - download)
Str8 Jack It (real audio - download)

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