This is HEX's 3rd release as a solo artist put out in 2000. This EP is a promo to the forthcoming album "Blunts For Breakfast" and featured 3 full length tracks from it and a sampler. The tape is gold and in a white cardboard slip. Only 1000 of these albums exist.

Psycho Weed Smokin'
Toxic Fumes

Samplez from the forthcoming album Blunts For Breakfast:

Blunts Upon A Rhyme
Blunts For Breakfast
11:34 AM
4:20 PM
40'z n Fast Food
Str8 Jack It
Nut Stainz
Blunts Upon A Rhyme (Remix)
Dime Piecez
40'z n Fast Food (Drive Thru Mix)