1134 Productionz Newz


The new album from L.U.Cipha, "Witchez Cauldron" is now available!! Just in time for Halloween, the broth is ready to be served. This album is Blunts For Breakfast style (CD with case/no cover) and features 14 tracks that include:

1. Preheat
2. That Time Of Year
3. Witchez Cauldron
4. H6LLOW66N2000
5. Psycho Toxic
6. 11:34 PM
7. More Devil Dust
8. Boomsticks
9. Fool Moon
10. TMI (Unit 2)
11. Horrorscope
12. Seance
13. Until Next Rhyme...
14. Simmered Broth

For order info on L.U.Cipha's "Witchez Cauldron" go to the 1134 Productions Catalog. Witchez Cauldron costs only $10 plus $3 shipping.