This section iz all tha L.U. Cipha shit that I own so check it...


[2] Devil Mask (sealed) CS

Devil Mask (opened) CS

HEX-Blunts For Breakfast (opened) CD

HEX-Gates Of Hell (opened) CD

TOXIC 2000 (opened) CS

Witchez Bible (sealed) CS

Witchez Bible (opened) CS

[9] HEX-Psycho Weed Smokin' (sealed) CS

HEX-Psycho Weed Smokin' (opened) CS

Witchez Brew (opened) CS

In The Life (opened) CS {underground}

Esodavollikiryl (opened) CS {underground}

Freestyle N Shit 1 (opened) CS {underground}

Freestyle N Shit 2 (opened) CS {underground}

Freestyle N Shit 3 (opened) CS {underground}

Freestyle N Shit 4 (opened) CS {underground}

Basement tape (opened) CS {underground}

1134 - "Off Tha Dome" (opened) CS {underground}

1134 - "Off Tha Dome 2"(opened) CS {underground}


2nd LU Edition Shirt


L.U. Poster 1

L.U. Poster 2


[3] Witchez Brew Post Cards

[3] Witchez Bible Post Cards

White Devil Prod Undergroud Shit Vol. 1 Post Card

Witchez Bible Tape Cover signed by HEX

[2] Witchez Bible Tape Cover

[2] Toxic2000 Tape Cover