HEX Smokin Lounge By HEX

Tuesday, October 17th, 2000

Whatup LUnatics...its like 4:20 AM up in this bitch...n Im tired as fuck!! But I wanted to drop by the Smokin Lounge to let yall catch this quick session. For the past couple of months we have been carefully adding ingrediants and chemikillz to the broth inside the Witchez Cauldron. We stirred it, boiled it, roasted it...and today the Witchez Cauldron is ready!! Thats right, the Witchez Cauldron album is officially released today and features 14 toxic Halloween type tracks. Its that annual autumn type shit that will have your mind goin crazy...be sure to pick that shit up in the 1134 Productions catalog...and if you wanna be sure to get that shit before Halloween you better order it this week!!

Holy shit! Thats a motherload of toxic shit right there. The performances we did this past weekend went pretty straight. Sianide didnt make it to the Friday the 13th shit, but I still got a couple of homies to do background vocalz while I did some solo shit. Then Saturday was Sianide's birthday and we did some shit off Witchez Cauldron at another party but towards the end during H6LLOW66N2000 a fight broke out so that shit got cut short. We still got drunk as fuck and put it down for Sianides 23rd. Im about to catch a little rapid eye movement so I'll hollar at yall later. If I dont drop in with another Smokin Lounge before October 31st, have a happy fuckin...hello fuckin ween!!! Witchez Cauldron muthafuckazzzz!!

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