I (Chemikilla) Write in green.
HEX Writez in red.

You and Sianide are hella tight and my favorite group and mad fuckin thanx for doin this shit.
No doubt

Whats up wit Witchez Cauldron? Anythang differant than tha other albumz?
The Witchez Cauldron is a triple dose of the toxic shit we've been brewin up for the past couple of months. Finally the broth is ready to be tasted...this October... The Witchez Cauldron is a lot like the 2 previous L.U.Cipha witch albums, only better. We kept a lot of the same themes and ideas of the old ones except we made em even tighter. And of course it features the 3rd part to the H6LLOW66N sage..."H6LLOW66N2000"...this shits 2000 times more evil!

What are some trackz from Witchez Cauldron?
right heres the complete Witchez Cauldron track listing...14 tracks

1.) Preheat
2.) That Time Of Year
3.) Witchez Cauldron
4.) H6LLOW66N2000
5.) Psycho Toxic
6.) 11:34 PM
7.) More Devil Dust
8.) Boomsticks
9.) Fool Moon
10.) TMI (Unit 2)
11.) Horrorscope
12.) Seance
13.) Until Next Rhyme...
14.) Simmered Broth

When Witchez Cauldron comez out how much will it cost? On tape or CD?
Witchez Cauldron is available now to pre-order at www.LUCipha.com for $10 plus 3 shipping. It will be on CD, Blunts For Breakfast style, with just the CD with print and the case...no cover.

Iz Deadly Night Shade ever gonna come out? If so when?
Deadly Nightshade will be the next L.U.Cipha release after Witchez Cauldron...comin sometime in early 2001.

Can you give some datez and places for tha Blunts Upon A Rhyme Tour?
Nothins definate right now but were gonna try to be hittin up as many spots as we can.

What are some groupz that you and Sianide like?
We like a lot of different shit...some shit he likes I dont and vice verse. He likes Slipknot but I dont really like them that much. We both like Kool Keith, Natas, ICP, old wicked shit like SPC, Ganksta Nip, Killarmy, etc...

Are you and/or Sianide gonna do some shit wit any other artists?
Yeah, we'll probably be gettin down on some collab tracks. My next solo album, "Lyrikillz" will feature a couple guest spots... Q Strange , Majik Duce and of course Sianide

Iz 1134 Productions gonna get some more artists besides you and Sianide?
Maybe...mostly right now were just tryin to get our own shit goin. We dont really have the time to work with many other artists...but if someone got their shit together and its soundin tight, we'll help em get it out.

Iz Sianide ever gonna have some solo shit out?
It could happen...

What about some phat LU gear, shirts, hoddies, jerseys, hats? LUnaticz wanna sport some shit.
Theres gonna be some phat new L.U. t-shirts comin this fall (Oct/Nov) and then after that we might be hookin up some hoodies or jerseys...maybe even some fuckin beanies...that shit would be tight.

Iz there any cd stores that sell THA TOXIC SHIT?
Theres some, but the best place to get the toxic L.U.Cipha merchandise is straight from us at www.LUCipha.com...its cheaper too.

What do you think iz tha best song that you and Sianide have made?
Theres too many ones that are phat to just pick one. One day I might like some more than others...been bumpin a lot of Blunts For Breakfast and Witchez Cauldron lately. Id say as far as best songs (production, lyrics, etc.) will always be on the newest shit. Our shit will keep gettin better...and even more toxic....even more toxic....

One more question..... Iz L.U. Cipha satanic? If you put L.U. Cipha together it soundz just like Lucifer which iz Satan. Plus 1134 iz hell upside down and Ive listened to Gates Of Hell, Witchez Brew, Witchez Bible and they got alot of shit that talks about hell and Satan. Can you explain some shit about that?
Nah, we aint satanic...bein our shits lyrical we speak in lyrical terms, so theres a lot of metaphors, similes and all that shit. But were some wicked muthafuckaz, dont get me wrong. Its like, just cause our minds our kinda evil doesnt mean were on the Devils dick on somethin...just like if someone is doin good shit, that doesnt mean they worship God. Were sort of like grey matter in between....but whatever...

Be sure to check out www.LUCipha.com the first week in October for the new mp3/real audio track, "The Witchez Cauldron Sampler". That shit features the 1st verse of H6LLOW66N2000, the 1st verse of Fool Moon and the 2nd and 3rd verse of Seance...all off the upcoming Witchez Cauldron album...October 17th..... ... .... . ... . . .. ....