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I'm sellin most my ICP shit. Check it out I'm only sellin it in a lot so if you want to buy all of it then and e-mail me

:::The Lot:::

2 Dope - FXCK OFF! re-realese RG (sealed) cd
Hokus Pokus Red RG (sealed) cd
Mr. Rotten Treats Shirt (XXL) RG shirt
98 Hallowicked Milenko (XL) G shirt
Purple Milenko (XL) RG shirt
Insane Duo RG Never Worn shirt
Funhouse (XL) RG shirt
Insane Duo (L) F shirt
ICP glow in tha dark G shirt
Shaggy South Park(XL) RG shirt
Violent J South Park (XL) (got a hole) F shirt
Red COC (XL) G shirt
Milenko (XL) G shirt
Ringmaster (XL) RG shirt
Jack Jeckle (L) F shirt
Riddle Box (XL) F shirt
Shaggy Green (L) RG shirt
Wicked Clown Shirt (XL) RG shirt
Wicked Clown Shirt (M) F shirt
Firehouse (S) G shirt
2sided Milenko RG poster
Jeckel Brothers Promo RG poster
Outer Space w/ mics RG poster
Riddle Box Blacklight RG poster
Comic Poster P poster
Insane Duo P poster
Insane Duo G poster
ICP In Tiled Room RG poster
Firehouse RG poster
Firehouse P poster
Pendulum #1 (opened) (no amazing maze cd) P
Pendulum #2 (sealed) RG
Pendulum #3 (sealed) RG
Pendulum #4 (sealed) RG
Play With Me Action Figures (opened) P