This HEX album features nothing but 40'z, bitches, fast food, and blunts... yep, that's right, Blunts For Breakfast! If you look at the names of the tracks, you'll notice that that's just a day in the life of HEX! So when you look at that hellafried track listing, think of what our favorite homie HEX would be doing then!

1. Blunts Upon A Rhyme
2. 11:34 AM
3. Blunts For Breakfast
4. Hellafried
5. Wrong Side Of Bed
6. 4:20 PM
7. Highdro
8. Stealth Bomber
9. 40'z n Fast Food
10. Str8 Jack It
11. Psycho Weed Smokin'
12. Bloodshot
13. Auditory Sex
14. 11:34 PM/Toxic Fumes
15. Boomslang
16. Nut Stainz
17. Blunt Trauma
18. Dime Piecez
19. 4:20 AM
20. Rapid Eye Movement