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TMNT Links

The one and only Official TMNT Homepage

Dawnatello's TMNT page

GreenWilloW's TMNT Lair

Javvi's Homepage

Kaybea's TMNT Homepage

KC's Totaly Tubular TMNT Site

Lola S. Cubish's TMNT Sewer Lair

Mikey's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Page

Phishtar's Phabulous Phan Phiction

The TMNT Fanfic Archive

Under Manhattan

Non-TMNT but still not-to-be-missed way-cool sites!

Special Unit 2
First online site for UPN's cool new monster show, Special Unit 2

Ultimate cool place to pick up an e-mail sig, joke, insult, or a bit of off-the-wall wisdom!

Lyrics World
If you like lyrics, you'll love it here! They have tons of 'em.

Japanese Name Converter
Just what it says... find out what your name would be in Japanese

An online dictionary for translating between the languages.

Totaly packed with everything. Gifs, backgrounds, midis, free e-mail, lessons on HTML and tables and much more...

The Slip-ups Archive
Movie mistakes! Two of the TMNT movies are listed, too!

Japanese Karate Terms
Japaese Jitsu Terms
Two pages that are pretty straightforward...