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Tina's Web Page

Welcome to Tina's personal web page!

Hi, this is me, Tina! Glad to meet you, and this is my web page. I hope you enjoy it. I have included information about my beautiful and wonderful family. I also have some other pages that might be of interest so please check it out! Thanks and may God bless you!

Anyway, this page is about my family, they are the greatest and I love them so much! I think you will too after you read a little about them. Keep reading and enjoy!

My Family

My life is very busy with God, my husband, children, grandchildren, amd my busy job. I am blessed beyond measure because of the family God gave me and the wonderful friends he has allowed to enter into my life. Thank you, Jesus, for that!

I am married to Chuck(see picture above)who is a detective for the police department in a nearby city. We have been together for eighteen years. He is one of the most hard-working individuals I have ever met in my life. He is a bright and witty person and probably one of the most articulate in his profession. He has given me strength over the years when their was not a drop to be found in my being. Chuck has been a very important part of my life. One thing is certain, I love him very much and plan to be with him forever!

Deric & Elijah Mandy & Elijah Tiffany & Morgan Morgan

Nathan & Mary Elizabeth Devan & Nathan Katie Cindi, Phillip & Kyle

Tiffany, Deric, Katie (she prefers Cadie), Mary, andPhillip make up our beautiful family. Tiffany is 27-years-old is a single mom. She has a beautiful daughter named Morgan. Tiffany recently went to school for real estate and plans to eventually become a successful real estate agent. Deric is 23-years-old and he is married to Mandy, 22. They have a beautiful son named Elijah and a pretty little girl named Yasmin. Deric works for a duct cleaning company and Mandy works part-time at night in a shoe store. Katie is 23-years-old and lives with her husband, Keith, and son, Kevin, in Sacramento, California. She works as a waitress and they have a baby girl on the way. They are naming her "Charlize" after her grandfather, Charles. Mary is 24-years-old and she and Devan are parents of two beautiful children, a daughter named Elizabeth and a son named Nathan(notice how all our grandchildren are beautiful). Mary works at a college on base in North Carolina. Devan works for a cabling company. We miss them very much because they don't live very close to us but at least it's only 5 hours away (North Carolina) and we can still visit on occasion. Phillip is 21-years-old, he also lives in North Carolina. He and Cindi are proud parents of two sons, Kyle and Dominick. Phillip works at the bowling alley and Cindi is a stay-at-home mom.

This concludes the story of my fabulous family. Below is a picture of our dogs we no longer have, Precious, Keeley, and Heidi!

Note: Heidi, my sweet little Yorkie of 14 years passed away two years ago. How sad I am about that. I really miss my little dog. The other two dogs are lost and have been missing for the last year. They somehow got out of our backyard :(

Thank you for visiting my site. Please feel free to e-mail me any comments or suggestions you may have regarding my site Click here to e-mail me. May God bless you each and everyday. Keep Him close at heart!

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