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The Flatlink's Happy New Years Photo Contest

The Flatlink will be holding a photo contest!!! All you have to do is send in your pictures how ever many you want with no money at all!! You can send them using a Digital Camera and e-mailing them , Scanning pictures and e-mailing them or good old fashioned mail!! You may be asking yourself well whats the point whay would I just send in a few pitures for nothing at all?? Well it's not for nothing at all whos ever pictures I like the best will be receiving a pair of Haro HFC Cranks!!! Well when soes the contest end????? The contest will end on January 1 2001 at 12:00AM. So lets go over it again.

You may use Digital Cameras, Regular Cameras with a scanner or just good old fasioned e-mail.
You may send as many pictures as you want with no money charged.
There will only be one winner the winner will receive one pair of new 2001 Haro HFC Cranks.
The contest ends January 1st 2001 AT 12:00AM.
Send all photos taken with digital cameras or scanned to: You may also send them through regular mail to Aaron Savage, P.O. Box 1693, Kilmarnock, Va 22482
GOOOOOOOODDDDD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! if you have any questions e-mail