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Degree Requirements

A total of 36 semester hours of graduate credit is required for the master's degree, of which 30 must be taken in the School of Library and Information Science. See the sections on Transfer or Waiver of Credit and on Joint-Degree Programs. A student who holds an accredited graduate degree when admitted to the M.S. in L.S. program is automatically exempt from six semester hours, but all remaining credit must be earned within the school.

Computer Competency

Students must demonstrate competencies in the basics of computing at the beginning of their studies in library and information science. The following four workshops have been developed: Introduction to Computers; Introduction to the Internet; Introduction to the VAX; and Introduction to Windows 95. These workshops provide the required background information and hands-on experience. The workshops are offered several times each semester. Students will be expected to be familiar with the information covered in the workshops; it will not be taught in regular library and information science classes.