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Comprehensive Examination Questions
March 1990

1. Discuss quality versus popularity in collection development.

2. Discuss how methods of writing and their storage media have effected institutional layout and information retrieval from the first libraries and archives to the era of the codex.

3. Discuss the challenges for library managers in taking advantage of technology to perform library operations, and at the same time, designing jobs for maximum professional development opportunities. Barbara Garson's The Electronic Sweatshop: How Computers Are Transforming the Office of the Future into the Factory of the Past, 1988.

4. What types of current computer, library, and networking standards should librarians be aware of before attempting to begin to upgrade an automation project?

5. Provide the background on LC's cataloging practices and services, the extent of centralized cataloging currently offered, and the consequences of a reduction of these services on US libraries and their services.

6. Discuss the evolution of cataloging and speculate on AACR3 or discuss the parallel development of archival finding aids from the LC Register to the implications of MARC-AMC for integrated formats within any new AACR3.

7. Discuss various specialized skills and competencies necessary for high-level professional performance in acquisitions in a large library. How could acquisitions librarians more fully develop their role through sharing their specialized knowledge with the entire academic community, thereby enhancing their visibility and image?

8. How have new technologies been used to provide information services to patrons that could not be previously offered, or could not have been offered as cheaply or quickly in the past?

9. Discuss how the Code of Ethics represents a balance between fixed principles and changing realities.

10. Discuss manual and online biographical tools used in an archive or library used by scholars, reporters and genealogists.

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