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Biomedical Information

Biomedical librarians select, collect, organize, access, and retrieve information to meet the informational needs of their library's users. These libraries include medical libraries in universities, hospitals, research centers and in companies that emphasize health sciences related research and development. Knowledge of health sciences literature, information-seeking behavior of health sciences professionals, information technology, and library management is essential for this concentration. Biomedical librarians search online and print resources for needed information, and create specialized governmental publications. They may also compile bibliographies or subject guides for selected topics. Some biomedical librarians are also responsible for teaching end users how to make use of electronic information resources, while others actively participate in research efforts or in the strategic planning of a corporation. Students with this concentration may choose to pursue a career in the libraries enumerated above. In addition, they may find positions in associations for health sciences professionals, science academies, and other special libraries.

The CUA School of Library and Information Science offers a variety of courses that focus on biomedical information. Each student will take four required core courses along with appropriate mid-level and advanced courses. The student will consult with his/her advisor to determine which courses will best meet his/her personal and professional needs. Required core courses for all students are:

In addition to the required core courses, students can build a concentration in biomedical information by choosing among the following specialty and elective courses:

Organizations of interest to students in Biomedical Information

Professional associations for law librarians are important sources of information about the profession, continuing education opportunities, scholarship support, and networking. Most have student membership rates. For further information contact:

Medical Library Association
Suite 300
Six North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60602-4805

Special Libraries Association
Science-Technology Division
1700 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

202-234-7400 (phone)
202-265-9317 (fax)

Internet resources of interest to students in Biomedical Information

This is an electronic discussion list for medical and health sciences librarians. Practical and theoretical issues, new ideas, questions, announcements, and concerns specific to health sciences libraries are discussed.

List address:
Subscription address: [8]
To subscribe: in the body of the message write
subscribe medlib-l [your name]

NLM and other federal WWW resources

Medical/Health Sciences Libraries on the WWW
(by Eric Rumsey)

Revised, February 1997

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