Authors Note* .....SCIENCE FICTION WITH A TWIST.....Educated, Aggressive and Ambitious, Dr.Injecto quickly became a man of many talents.  The top man  for the job of creating and running a NEW AGE universe.  A CREATOR. ..... His assistant and biggest admirer Cy, seemed to tick like a clock anywhere around him, well she loved him but not really like love, but ......The Crusade for Dominance of the universe gets in the way of all of that............”WE CAME TO ACHIEVE.”  “Kiss me Cy; he seemed to measure his affection for her but her love for him had led her to a frenzied height of  heated bleed, but that’s where her achievement came alive, her GOD GIVEN RIGHT, to become QUEEN CY, QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE;  Z-MOV, THE CAPTOR, ADMIRED.  ENTER: Ms.Blackdime, beautiful, but difficult ruler of the City of   N   with Starman Stavol who is ready for rejuvenation.

                                                                THE ENCAPSULATOR’S
                                                                  BY: KELLY O’KELLY

Dr. Injecto pushed the button on the confinement table to immobilize the next victim that Z-mov, “The Captor,” had just brought him.  “Hand me the pressure injector,” he told Cy, the most beautiful person in his galaxy.  She passed him the injector.  “We must send this one in a little better condition than the last.”  A “Vinton” lay before them trying as he might, to fight the ultimate power.  Putting the injector to his neck, he pushed the blood button.  The Vinton’s body became quiet and immobile though warm to the touch.  The blood tube immediately turned red as the injector pushed the green blood into the Vinton’s body.  “There Cy, preserved for eternity if necessary.”  “You mean he will last forever Dr. Injecto?”  “Yes he will, as soon as we place him into this Bio-food capsule.”  She helped Dr. Injecto slide in his feet, then the rest of the Viton’s body, into the clear viewing capsule that would sustain the life for as long as needed.  “The green blood injector eliminates the need for oxygen Cy.”  Cy put her hand over her heart, “I am your admirer, Dr. Injecto.”  He laughed, “Cy, tonight you get sweet shot again.”  “Thank you Dr. Injecto, I am ready.”  Placing the viewing capsule in the Inter Planetary Transmitter, she pushed “Send.”  A new Vinton is now in transmission to “The Order of Stavol,” at the city of “N.”

     The green receiving light appeared on the information board.  “Received.”  The City of  “N.” Got it Dr. Injecto,” Cy replied.  “Very well Cy, with out effort achieved, you will join me at the Tazer Room, for a sweet shot and some interplanetary drivel.”  Z- mov,  replaced the oxygen pellets in his “Discretion Helmet” and placed it back on his head.  “Will you reload Z-mov’s Bio-tazer now Dr. Injecto?”  “Yes Z-mov, come over here.”  Z-mov presented the Bio-tazer to him and stood back.  “Tonight you will go into the Viton’s domain and remove only the highest ranking men and women of their command, do you understand me?”  “I do Dr. Injecto.”  “Come and help me reload the Bio-tazer Cy,” we must be very careful.  “What is it, Dr.Injecto?”  “Tonight” I am loading it with confusion shot, touch one pellet and it's . . . . . . “Babble-on!”  Him and Cy soon had Z-mov’s Bio-tazer loaded and ready.  “Cy, spray my hand with latexol.”  “Yes doctor.”  He walked toward Z-mov, “Tonight you will have success as never before.”  Z-mov looked on as Dr. Injecto removed the top from the tiny vile.  “Raise your sleeve Z-mov.”  He rubbed the ointment on his arm. Z-mov replaced the sleeve and took the loaded Bio-tazer from Dr. Injecto’s hand.  “Awaiting instructions!”  “I have applied RAGE OIL to your skin, now go and achieve.”  “Yes Doctor.”  He stormed out of laboratory, headed impatiently for The Viton’s Domain.  “Come Cy, wash off the latexol and it’s on to the Tazer Room.”

      “I demand total truth and obedience from each of you, but before you enter into The Vinton’s Domain, you must each pledge allegiance to the cause.”  Z-mov, Stavolite Colonel, stood before his feared Stavolite Force of Ten speaking with a vigor that they had never herd before.  Each Stavolite Enforcer stood to hear what his orders were.  Standing tall, at a height of eight feet, Z-mov made the ceiling appear low; his gravity boots, size twenty one, would rattle the surface when he stormed in.  The ten enforcers listened when Z-mov spoke.  The veins in his head pulsated and his nostrils flared open as he spoke.  “My Force of Ten, tonight we shall go into the Vinton’s Domain.”  “We shall capture only their highest ranking officers, male and female, and return them here to our own Starfield.”  His dripping eyes glared red with anticipation and his enforcers became stirred at the sight.  “You shall each pledge allegiance to the cause one at a time.”  “Come, kiss the truth ring and receive your Rage Rub from me.”  “Then, and only then, will I load your Bio-taser’s.”  The force came to him one at a time as he presented the truth ring and herd their pledge.  Rolling up his sleeve, he presented his arm to each of the Force. “Rub my arm and receive your RAGE!”  As they did this Z-mov touched the bio-receiver on each of their Bio-tazer’s with his own. You are loaded and ready. Board the Personnel Crawler and we will transmit to the Vinton’s Domain for ACTION.

     Z-mov and The Force of Ten materialized at the oxygenator on the outskirts of The Vinton’s Domain.  He spoke again to his men.  “Stavolites, there will be a reward given to the achiever who dominates the capture.”  His Force was ready and wanted to move.  “The Reward; One snippet of Love Rub and Extra Oxygen Pellets.”  Holding their tazers to the stars, they chanted, Z-mov, Z-mov, Z-mov.  “The power is with you.”  Adorning their Discretion Helmets they started their action.  Z-mov’s first action was to turn his Tazer to “explo” and blow up the oxygenator. “That should get their attention.”  The Force each went their own way to capture only what had been ordered, all except Stavolite 1.  He remained with Z-mov as his Sergeant and observer.  From their secured position Z-mov and Stavolite 1 watched the Domain of the Vinton’s go into utter chaos.  Fire and echoes of the exploding stockpile was music in their Discretion Helmets. The Force soon began sending the babbling fools back to the Personnel Crawler.  The Vinton’s began to fight back with their antiquated laziers and theodolite projectiles.  Coming toward the Personnel Crawler in droves, they attempted to liberate their high command.  Z-mov and Stavolite 1 fought them with fury and vigor.  “I like it,” Z-mov said, as his Bio-Tazer hit the oncoming group.  “They are nothing but worms,” Stavolite1 laughed as the Army of The Vinton’s became fools before his eyes.  He now felt the power as Z-mov did. “I like it too,” he said, “The Force is all powerful and we shall never loose.”  “That’s Right Stavolite 1, Never loose.”

                                                                  “Dr. Injecto will be proud!”

     The Personnel Crawler was soon full with the babbling Vinton commanders and high ranking officials for transport back to The Stavolite Command Camp.  The Force of Ten had all returned except for one, Stavolite 7 or “Lucky 7,” as his acquaintances sometime called him.  “Forget him!” Stavolite 1 said, “he is expendable.”  “We will wait, and he will return,” Z-mov said, as he pelted more of the Vinton’s with his Tazer.  Babble. . . . .on you fools, Babble. . . . .on.  “It’s Lucky 7!” one of the Force yelled, pointing to a herd of Vinton’s coming toward the Crawler; “Lucky 7” in front of them; his Bio-Tazer blazing away at the crowd.  The Force of Ten rushed forward to help their comrade.  The Vinton’s were helpless as “Lucky 7” stepped up last to present his captives to his Stavolite Colonel.  “Quick, into the Personnel Crawler,” Stavolite 1 said to them.  “Lucky 7” bought up the rear with his two captives.  Z-mov stared at the two that “Lucky 7” had captured.  “Well, well,” he said as the Personnel Crawler began its transmission from the Domain of the Vinton’s back to The Stavolite Command Camp.  “The raid was the utmost success,” he said to Lucky 7.  “Do you know who you have here?”  “Yes Colonel Z-mov; I fought hundreds to get to them.”  “They are Ruler Mazon and Queen Tia of the Venton High Command.”  “RIGHT!!!”  “Lucky7, come up and sit with me.”  “You are a winner and Z-mov will reward you as such.”  Removing their Discretion Helmets, Z-mov gave Lucky 7 the secret hand hold and password of  a Stavolite Captor.  “You are now as I am - - or you will be.”  Z-mov turned to the Force. “Let it be known to all.” He handed him the extra oxygen pellets and the snippet of Love Rub.  Lucky 7 nodded in thanks as he used the oxygen pellets in his Discretion Helmet and applied the Love Rub to his temples.  His head fell back as his mind took him to the euphoric plane of human existence.

      The Personnel Crawler began to materialize back at The Stavolite Command Camp and the new captives put in temporary confinement at Z-mov’s module.  “Take the them to The Jupiter Ring,” Z-mov instructed.  The Jupiter Ring being a ring of  force waves, unseen but painfully felt, and producing  unconsciousness if the captive tried to cross. With each of the babbling captives inside, the Ring was turned on.  Some wandered into the force field and were knocked out as they entered, but they quickly learned not to try again.  With this done, The Force of Ten; now nine, went into the Ready Room and re-filed their Bio-tazer’s at the Library of Arms and sat at the long table for their meal together.  The floor began to tremble when Z-mov strolled into the room removing his Discretion Helmet and sitting at the head of the table.  “Well done My Force.”  Each Stavolite Enforcer was given a double order of Herbal Tube Food and an order of Galaxy Liquid.  “Lucky 7” staggered as he came to the table.  His face painted with fresh thought of yester year’s happenings and a feeling of completeness.  The others envied him and knew that the feeling was worth all the risk that was taken.  “Attention,” Starvolite 1 shouted, as they all stood and saluted the two Stavol Colonels.  “At your ease,” Z-mov ordered.  They all squeezed out their Herbal Tube Food and drank their Galaxy Liquid together.  Lucky 7 belched and listened to Z-mov’s orders to him and the Force.  “My Force, you will go to the Clean Room, then to the Apparel Recycler for fresh uniforms at that time anyone wishing to go to the Exchange Room may do so.”  “Remember, you must go for the twenty seconds of Hypno-rest and take the your Comfort Capsule.”  He turned to Colonel Lucky 7, “You and I get special care.”  “Come now Colonel, we visit Ms.NATR at the New Age Order.”  “Then you and I will visit the Apparel Recycler for new uniforms.”  Lucky 7  followed Z-mov out of the module.

                                                  “New Age Order, I wonder what that is.”

      Z-mov’s huge body lay nude on the cell enhacer beside Lucky 7.  He presented his arms to the lovely Ms.NATR for his herbal cellular enhancement. Ms.NATR  wrapped the injector pins around their arms and turned on the Sunshine Compressor.  “You will feel like a new man soon, she said to Lucky 7.”  “A new man Lucky 7 said, I feel good now.”  “Keep still now Colonel, and you will see what I mean.”  Z-mov lay still beside him getting his own New Age treatment.  Lucky 7 began to feel the Special Herbal treatment start to ignite his very cellular make up. His body felt nourished and his mind felt activated.  The new Colonel’s uniform was becoming uncomfortable on him as his mind began to transmit some unfamiliar thought waves. Thought that he had never experienced, “I like it” was the last thing that he remembered thinking until he became conscious of Ms.NATR removing his clothing with the splitters.  He raised his head and looked at her.  “What are you . . . . . . ?his consciousness fell asunder.  His mind began to see colors never seen and hear sound in script and think thought in code.  A more serious Lucky 7 would emerge from this cocoon, one more difficult if not impossible to articulate.  Hearing Ms.NATR say 10-9-8. . . .4-3 . . .2-1-0 come now Colonel, come back to us. His eyes slowly opened as consciousness returned, he felt like something new had happened, a new life in his old body, stronger, more vibrant and more alive than ever before.  Z-mov stood beside the cell enhancer waiting for him to stand.  Taking him by the hand and using the Stavolite Captor’s grip, he pulled him to his feet. “Now Lucky 7 you can see the meaning of New Age Order.”  We are the only two in existence now but as Stavolite’s prove themselves worthy, they too may become New Age.  Lucky 7 reached for his boots.  His large feet would not come even close to going inside.  He stood and looked Z-mov in the eye.  “I am as you, eight feet tall and all but invincible.”  He raised his arms and roared in delight.  Let’s get on to the Apparel Recycler for new clothes and Boots.

                          “Thank you Ms.NATR,” Lucky 7 said.  She looked up at him, “Its all my pleasure.”

      With a new man added, and once again The Force of Ten was in full power. Z-mov and Lucky 7 stormed into the Ready Room together.  “Look, one of the Stavolite Force said, he’s the same size a Colonel Z-mov.”   “I guess it must come with rank another remarked.”  “I’ll earn my bones next time Stavolite 1 remarked, and then I will join The New Age Order.”  “Lucky 7 roared out, that is what I want to hear form any who can achieve.”  “Those that can will, and those that can’t wont.”  Z-mov listened attentively.  “Bring Ruler Mazon and Queen Tia to me.”  Stavolite 1 carried out the order.  Z-mov took the babbling Ruler Mazon by the arm as Lucky 7 did Queen Tia, and escorted them from the Stavolite Command Camp toward the laboratory.  “Dr. Injecto will be proud to own these two” Z-mov said.  “They will make him an important man, in The City of “N.”  Dr. Injecto peered over his eyenoculars at the two Colonels and their new captives.  “I see that you have made a visit to see Ms.NATR, Colonel Z-mov.”  “Yes, Dr. Injecto.”  “This is Colonel Lucky 7, The Captor.”  “So what is it that made him an equal to you Colonel Z-mov?”  “He captured these two Doctor.”  The Colonel’s pushed their captives forward.  Cy gasped, “It’s. . . . .It’s. . . . It’s Vinton Ruler Mazon and Queen Tia, Z-mov interrupted.”  Dr. Injecto was rapturous.  “Excellent, Excellent, a birthing shall be your reward.”  The two Colonels looked puzzled.  “A birthing?~/+(^)?”

      Place the captives on the confinement table.  The Colonels laid them down on the table as Cy closed the restrictors around their arms and legs.  “There Dr. Injecto,” Cy said. “They are ready for your observation.”  “Good work Colonels,” Dr. Injecto said, “now come over here.”  Z-mov and Lucky 7  stood before him at the Cell-vac.  “Cy, prepare them for Pre-birth.”  Cy came toward them as Dr. Injecto readied the Cell-vac.  Z-mov was first to receive the tiny golden identity button pierced through his ear, then Lucky 7.  “All of what you are is now stored here in the Ireology Library for the City of “N.”  Dr. Injecto rubbed his hands together.  “I think we are now ready Cy.”  He turned the rheostat on high. Cy took the end of the Cell-vac, “Your trousers please!”  Z-mov and Lucky 7 let them down to their boot tops.  “Hook’em up Cy.”  She placed the Cell-vac over Z-mov’s reproduction line and watched as his eye’s rolled back into his head.  “Next,” Dr. Injecto said, using an identical procedure on Lucky 7.

      “Congratulation Cy said, your new birthing will be ready for you at twenty-four hundred hours, you can pick them up here.”  Dr. Injecto rubbed his hands together again as he assembled the birthing liquid in the refriberator.  “It will not take long now and I will be a new father.”  He laughed out spasmodically.  “Pants up Colonels, the wizard has worked.”

      “You may leave now and take your leisure, Dr. Injecto said to the Colonels.”  “I have important work to do here.”  He looked back at the confinement table.  “Cy, hook the Inter-probe to the Cell-vac.”  Z-mov and Lucky 7 left the lab.  Dr. Injecto went to the refriberator and removed the two samples they had just taken and walked back to the confinement table.  Reaching into the pocket of his lab smock he snapped the top off the tiny vile of Anti-babble juice and poured it into the mouth of Queen Tia.  Immediately she stopped her babbling and began to struggle at her confinement.  “No need to fear me my dear Queen Tia,” Dr. Injecto stated; “You will not be harmed.”  “Where am I?” Queen Tia asked.  “You are in the care of the Order of Stavol.”  She looked at her Ruler Mazon still babbling beside her on the confinement table.  “What about my Ruler?”  “Show no concern my dear, no harm will come to him either.”  “I, Dr. Injecto will personally guarantee it.”  “Cy will perform a quick painless procedure on you and then we shall bring your Ruler to normalcy.”  Cy began to lift the golden cloth of Queen Tia’s long skirt exposing her lovely legs.  “What are you doing she cried.”  She paid little attention to her objections.  “He handed the inter-probe to Cy!”  Taking it from him, She placed the probe as Dr. Injecto turned the rheostat to high.  “Now Cy, hook the collection line to the refriberator and ready the birthing liquid for fertilization.”  “You are a beautiful woman Queen Tia and now your clone will be of my creation, be proud,” her eyes rolled back and it was done.  With the fertilization complete and aging in the birth cell, the good Doctor poured a vile of Anti-babble into Ruler Mazon’s mouth.  “My Queen, My Queen, are you unharmed?”  “Where am I?”  She looked at her husband beside her.  “It is said My Ruler, we are not to be harmed.”  Dr. Injecto smiled.  “Quite the contrary, Dr. Injecto said, Loving care is yours in the Order of Stavol.”

      “Cy have one of the Stavolites bring over a low ranking Vinton from The Jupiter Ring.”  “Yes Dr. Injecto.”  Cy sprang to the information board and clicked on the communicator.  “Stavol Command, send a low ranking Vinton to the laboratory for immediate use.”  Soon Stavolite 1 appeared with a babbling Vinton male walking behind, with a finger tracer secured to one finger.  He handed the finger tracer remote to Cy.  Taking the remote she moved toward Dr. Injecto and handing over the Vinton.  “Thank you Cy, and get me another vile of Anti-babble.”  She got the vile and snapped off the top for the Doctor.  Just like the others, the babbling stopped immediately.  Ruler Mazon and Queen Tia looked on in amazement.  At the sight of his superior's confinement, the Vinton started to fight.  “Do not fight Dr. Injecto Vinton.”  He pushed the red button on the remote for the finger tracer.  The Vinton fell to his knees before him wracked with pain.  “Cy, bring me some sweet shot.”  Her eyes widened as she handed over the eye dropper and the tube of sweet shot to him.  Dr. Injecto opened the Vinton’s eyelids and applied one drop to each eye, just as he did to Cy’s eyes on numerous occasions.  The Vinton looked up and smiled as Dr. Injecto cut the finger tracer off of his finger.  “This wont be necessary anymore.”  “Stavolite 1,” Dr. Injecto ordered, “take this fool to my personal Starfield Module and have him prepare it for his superiors comfort.”  He turned back toward the confinement table, “He is your personal valet while you are here.”  The Vinton struggled to his feet and smiled at Dr. Injecto again as Stavolite 1 took him by the arm.  “Another thing! “Come back when it is ready and get Ruler Mazon and Queen Tia.”  “I want a Jupiter Ring around the Starfield Module twenty four hours a day.”  “Yes Dr. Injecto.”  Cy looked at the growing birthing cell and wondered.

                                              “Why didn’t Dr. Injecto use me rather than her!”
                                                    “I am a beautiful woman, he told me so.”

      Stavolite 1 returned sooner than expected for Ruler Mazon and Queen Tia.  “One moment Dr. Injecto said.”  He attached a finger tracer to each of them and handed  the remote back to Stavolite 1.  “Do not harm them in any way, and remove the finger tracers when you deposit them.”  “Yes Dr. Injecto.”  “Cy, release them from their shackles.”  Ruler Mazon and Queen Tia stood upright for a moment finding their feet once more.  “Thank you for not harming my Queen Tia Dr. Injecto, she means so much to me.”  Dr. Injecto bowed, “Royal blood is never harmed.”  Stavolite 1 led them toward the exit.  Queen Tia stopped and looked back at Dr. Injecto but said not a word.  He bowed politely as they left.  “Oh Dr. Injecto, you are such a man,” Cy replied, “You may use my Royal seed any time you need it.”  “Sorry Cy, your green blood is the same as ours.”  “Come now, we have some work to do.”  He examined the birthing cell, “Fine, just Fine he mumbled to himself.”  “Cy, place ten Bio-food capsules in the tube stands and ready the pressure injector for heavy use, also lay up a quantity of Bio-food, were going to need it with all of those captives.”  “Cy, have a Stavolite bring ten Vinton’s from The Jupiter Ring immediately.”  “Yes Dr. Injecto.”

     “You are a good assistant Cy,  and I, Dr. Injecto will reward you accordingly.”  “You are invincible Dr. Injecto, just as a real mannnnnnn...... should be, MY HERO.”  “Cy,...... you are showing signs of your prehistoric ancestry.”  “Maybe you need modernizing, Oh, I guess not, I like you the way you are.”  “I like you too Dr. Injecto.”

                                                                 “May I have a sweet shot?”
                                                                 “SOON my dear, SOON.”

     Dr. Injecto stood in his laboratory, his smock open to the waist, eyenouclars partially down on his nose, “Bring em’ on in he said in a cynical tone, IM’ ready.”  Lucky 7 lined them up behind each other.  “One at a time,” Cy said to Lucky 7.  “I will take them in pairs,” Dr. Injecto replied.  Lucky 7 placed them on the confinement table while Cy restrained their feet and hands.  “My Green Blood Injector Cy!”  She handed him the injector.  Dr. Injecto began the blood exchange as usual, green blood in and red blood out.  “Two Bio-food viewing capsules Cy my dear.”  She rolled two over on the tube stand.  “This time we will place them in head first.”  He plunged the two Vintons in and placed the top on the capsules.”  “Cy we must add more preservative to the Bio-food mix to keep them a little better.  “I had a few complaints from Ms. Blackdime ruler of The City of “N,” she is using some of them for slaves and the pollution in the city is making them look quite unsightly in a short time.”  He injected the Viewing Capsules with Spray Food and added the amber colored preserver.  “That should satisfy her.”  Cy rolled the two away.  “Bring the next idiots to me Lucky 7.”  Cy returned and repeated the task over and over again until the first ten were lined up and ready for transmission to The City of “N.”  “That Ms. Blackdime can be a ROYAL pain in the ass,” Dr. Injecto said.  “I haven’t met her Cy replied.”  “What is she like anyway?”  She is a tough cookie, he said, tall and thin, long black hair and big brown eyes, her skin is a Chestnut brown color and she is charming to every man that sees her.”  “She likes sweet shot too, but you would never get me to say that in front of her.”  “Why not, Dr. Injecto.”  “Because she will have you done up  . . . . .  in a twinkle.”  “That’s how she got to be Ruler of The City of “N.”

     “I feel good Cy,” Dr. Injecto said as he readied the lab for the next group of Vinton’s.  “We will work into the night to fill some of their order.”  “Starman Stavol sent a message to say they need some good Re-seeders as soon as we could get them there.”  “When Starman Stavol speaks, I listen.”  “He runs the entire Order.”  “He said he was to be here to see his operation soon and Cy I want you to be his escort while he is here.”  “Me Dr. Injecto, I thought I was your escort.”  “Only when The Starman is not around.”  “He loves beautiful women like you.”  “How old is Starman Dr. Injecto, 135 is what the records say.”  “A hundred and thirty five, he needs an escort???”  “Like you need Sweet Shot my dear.”  “Tonight Dr. Injecto.”  “Tonight Cy.”  “Bring in the next fools Lucky 7.” And so they worked into the wee hours of the starnight preparing and transmitting the order to The City of  “N.”  “Cy, would you like to go out for a squeeze of Tube Food and some Galaxie Liquid with me?”  “But of corse Dr. Injecto, I like being seen with you.”  “Thank you Cy, you know how to make a Doctor feel good.”  He gave her a wink as he removed his smock and called for a Camp Crawler to take them to The Tazer Room.  “Ready Cy?”  “In a moment Dr. Injecto, just let me comb my hair and darken my make up.”  He slipped two doses of the Sweet Shot into his pocket and one of his new experimental  Affection Tablets.  Folding his Eyenoculars and putting them into the case, he laughed to himself, “That should get Cy rocking.”

     This is a fine Sci-Fi thriller.  Steam as the weave of the spiders web gets tighter and tighter on a very human basis.  Chill to the feel of a future that may be controled by ourselves.  Who controls, who is good, Who is bad?  One man's dominance surfaces in an effort to control the entire Universe whith his "NEW AGE ORDER!"  Meet the exciting women in his life and drip with excitement when he experiences the dominance of their essence.  $1.00 US     38,000 words
                                                                                        Kelly O'Kelly