Authors note:  Sometime I cry, but sometime I laugh when I think of the hot days I spent at Little Black Creek swimming hole.  That’s where I go with Saw Billy, down there where the water’s so cold. “Mabye you will discover the answer here; I do hope so.”   Kelly O’Kelly

                                                                   NONSENSE RHYME
                                                                                 BY: Kelly O’Kelly

            The hard winter was in full swing and the snow had been piled high on both sides of old highway 7  by the Cattleback County road crews.  They were the ones, the same ones that would whistle and hoot at her in the summertime.

           “I can’t even put on my bikini and walk to the mailbox in the hot summertime,” she paused, placing her fingers over her mouth to hide the unsolicited smile, “country perverts”, she    murmmerred.

            Thoughts of the swimming hole, and the thing that had happened to her came to mind.  “I’m a country girl,” she thought, “that’s really not suspose to happen out here.”   She looked down the long driveway toward the old farmhouse where she lived with her parents and her grandmother.  Watching the hot breath spill from her lungs out into the cold air and floating away in white puffs, she thought to herself,

                                                            “Is this all it’s ever going to be?”

                                                                                    The End
                                                                                     By: Kelly O’Kelly