Authors note: This story is the story of the famous wedding words, “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  You know, he was something old and she was something new, her love is what he would borrow, her gift was that something of blue.  Kelly O’Kelly

                                                     IN THE MIDST OF THE WIND
                                                          BY: KELLY O’KELLY

          My legs began to tremble when I  looked down into her youthful eye’s. This lovely callow creature that I had just met  today.  “Walk with me along the lake so we can watch the swans swim!”  The evening sun had begun to set and the air was cooler than it had been just an hour earlier. Under the aging water oak trees, with their low feeble limbs, Spanish moss, hung in long ashen beards, slowly stirring back and forth petting the gentle breeze. My mind rushed at the sheer thought of being here with her.

                                                    “Swim for the poppey-pop.”

            “They will reach right up to you and take it from your hand,” she smiled.  I extended to watch a pair of immense white swans glide over to forage.

                                                                                The End;
                                                                                Kelly O’Kelly