List of Characters:
1. Shooting Stars--rogue starcycle club
2. Big Star-Gang Leader
3. Aurora-Leaders Girl
4.Tracer Town-modern city
5. Dingo-sargent
6. Streets-African sergeant
7. Tanya-Streets girlfriend
8. Margie-red head
9.Ann-Margie's sister
10.Tracer City Suits

                                                                      SHOOTING STAR 
                                                               By: Kelly O'Kelly

                               The Star's stood anxiously waiting for the Virgin Queen to be taken as a sexual
                                                             sacrifice and become one of their own,
                                                                           "A Shooting Star".

    Margie gripped the dance bar as the strobe lights flashed time to the drummers symbols. Rubbing his naked body against hers brought erotic thoughts to his head.  "Love Big Star Margie," he panted.  "My blood is fast in my veins and had filled the staff of my manhood until it overflows.  "She gasp," and picked herself up on the tips of her toes, crouching at the dance bar.  He touched her shoulder with his hand.  "Love Big Star Margie," he said again.  She felt the touch of the demons long ugly neck, swagger down from far above. "Oh Big Star, I love you too, I do."  Leaving a slimy trail behind; it passed her brown dimple and met with the throbbing eye of Bambi.  "He took hold of the choker chord that was around her neck and began his introduction."

                                                                         "She panted."
                                         "Now you can know me baby, now you can know Big Star."
                                                       "No Big Star, I can't stand it, I can't!"

    At that moment Dingo appeared from the crowd to face her.  "I told you girl, you had better put on a good show for me and the Club or ......!"  Reaching into his pocket he quickly snapped a pair of silver cuffs onto her wrist and around the dance pole.  "Now, take care of business baby."  Looking up into his face she spat squarely in his eyes.  "I'm going to kill you, you son of a bitch."  He paced back to the darkness as the dragon entered.  She herd the crowd cheer.  "They are cheering for you my Queen."  She looked down to the floor and the red spike heels and white shorts with the spots in them.  "Oh no," what is it.  "No Big Star, I am dying She Cried! Please Stop."  The crowd cheered them onward.    "Oh no my baby, the dragons come home."  Saliva drooled through her red lips, down onto the floor as she tried to speak.

                      She looked at the tag that hung around her ankle; Number 1 huh'.  "I'll show him Number 1."
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