Authors note* Who is the man that fights the toughest men in the city, the guy that keeps the peace, the man that rights the wrong, receives the trust and protects the wealth?  Is criminal just a word?  Is just a word what distinguishes us from them, or is the old saying true?  "There ain't a dimes worth of difference."

                                        DORSEY'S TURF

    Dorsey slid his unit across the end of the alley that the two bank robbers thought would be their get away.  Jumping out of his car, he drew his automatic and assumed the position. The big old Mercury sped directly toward him.  "I ain't movin for no damn body," he murmured to himself.  "This could be it for me, this could be my day."  He sneered and grit his teeth.  A shotgun came out of the passengers window, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM!   The buckshot hit the black and white hard as Dorsey turned his automatic loose on the shooter.  "BLAT,BLAT,----BLAT,BLAT,BLAT."  He watched the shotgun fall to the street then quickly backed away form the unit and to one side of the alley.  He slapped a new hot clip into his piece and listened as the big Mercury came screaming toward him in passing gear.  "Screechhhhh," the brakes locked and slid to within fifty feet of his unit.  Going to the edge of the building, he placed his eye around the brick corner; there they were, two of the three who had just hit First National Bank.  "Put E'm up and FREEZE!!"  The robbers looked toward him as he slipped the automatic around the corner.  "Got you covered boys, now put em' up and FREEZE!"  Dorsey sped in to their side.  "Put your right hand in this cuff buddy,"  He handed one of the bandits the silver cuffs.  "Snap," it was on the first one.  "Now, you, Put your right hand in this one hot shot."  "Snap, good boys."  Have a seat in the squad car.  Closing the doors to the rear seat he pushed the button on his shoulder mike.

                       "This is Unit 9 reporting, I have bank robbery suspects in custody, one fatality."
                       "Unit 9, backup is ten minutes away, another robbery, Please Hold."

    Dorsey looked back at the squad car, "They aren't going anyplace."  He made his way back toward the Mercury in the alley.  Cautiously he approached the vehicle but not a move came from the scene.  There was the victim with two bloody holes in his face with one arm hanging out of the window.  He scanned the floorboard until his eyes fell upon a white canvas bag stuffed with one hundred dollar bills.

                        "Here it is boys,"  all the evidence that I need to put you away for a hundred years."                                           "Hey man," the punk said there is a million dollars in that damn sack and ain't nobody come round here yet but you and us."

    Dorsey listened to what the punk was saying to him.  The punk went on, "Just you unhook us man and we will take the empty sack and be seen runin like hell from here."  Dorsey looked around, "Only a few people out on the street; maybe the punk is right, maybe it is my day."  His mind wandered to how it would be like to have some money and be like other rich people and to go to the placed he had always wanted to.  Opening the trunk of his unit, he removed a gray plastic body blanket and sat back in and closed the door.  "Just let us go man and you won't ever see us again, I promise," the punk said.  He dangled the cuff key in their face, and turned to fill the body blanket up with the money.  "You are right man, It's a mean damn world," the punk said.  Dorsey threw the empty sack in the back between them and turned to unlock the cuffs.  "If I see you again punk, I will kill you, savvy?"  He drew his automatic, Click, Click, the cuffs were off.  "Now I cut you two loose, take the money and run."  He fired two shots into the air as they rounded the corner to the streets and disappeared in the vermin.

    "That was easy as apple pie," he thought, as he sped along toward the station and his parked car. "Easy as mom's apple pie."  Coming in sight of the station felt a little scary this time to him.  He swung the cursier around the block to where he always parked his car under a tree when he could get the spot.  "Hey Dorsey," his Sergeant waved to him as he jogged by.  "Hey Sarge," he waved as friendly as he could.  "I feel kind of funny, like shaky inside, shit, these are my friends."  Stopping beside his automobile he quickly opened the trunk and threw the cash in the blanket inside.  "Slam" the trunk went down and he sprinted back to the cruiser.  Smoking the tires as he pulled away was eccentric, "easy boy, easy, he kept saying to himself as he drove into the precinct parking lot to put his unit in the body shop and go in and file a lengthy report.

     "Dorsey, Hey Dorsey!" who shot hell out of your cruiser?  "I just tackled the three bank robbers that hit the First National."  "You Get'em?"  "I got one, but the other two took the money and ran."  Dorsey felt funny in the gut but moved forward with his paperwork.  "Hello Sarge," he placed the completed paperwork on his desk.  "Sit down Dorsey."  The Sarge motioned toward the wood chair by his desk.  "Now tell me what happened."  "Well Sarge, I herd the alarms going off at the First National Bank and from three blocks away, I saw these guys running out of the bank with guns."  "These Guys? How many guys?"  "Three."  He shook his head, "go on."  "I sped over one block and down two more to the only alley crossing that street and blocked it with my crusier"---he went on and on till' toward the end.  Taking a deep breath, he lied to the Sarge.  "So I sprang toward the getaway car with my automatic in hand."  I could see that one man was shot and the driver and the one in the back seat were just fine."  "I flipped the safety from my piece and ordered them out and on the ground immediately."  "The taller one in the front opened his door and immediately laid down while the other one shruggled from the rear seat."  "Go on Dorsey."  "Well sir, then he hit me with that money sack, knocking my gun from my hand and me to the ground."

                                           A bead of sweat donned Dorsey's forehead as he talked.
               "Before I knew it, they were leaping over the hood of my cruiser and quickly disappeared in the mix."

    The Sarge Questioned;  "Did you have to kill that boy Dorsey?"  "I had to Sarge, he was shooting at me."  "What kind of shoes were the two that ran away wearing Dorsey?"  "Tennis Shoes, I think."  "Any distinguishing feature on either of the men?"  "Not really sir; it happened so fast."  "What happened to the money Dorsey?"  "After I found my gun, I gave chase only to see them round the other block; they had the case in their hand."  "Which one had the case?"  "The short one had it."  The Sarge pondered a moment,
                                                       "I'll have your weapon and your shield son."

    Dorsey's face reddened, "for what sir, I did my duty."  "You did your duty son and now I have to charge you with Involuntary Manslaughter for the courts to clear your name."  Dorsey laid his weapon on the desk and removed the shield from his shirt.  The Sarge looked him in the eye, "Dorsey, I have to give you ninety days leave without pay, suspend all police privileges, a break in continuous service for your retirement, cancel your insurance and remove your name from the police credit union, It's the law."  "However," he went on, "within this ninety day period if you are found innocent of all charges brought by the people, you may return to us with all privileges reinstated."   Dorsey looked the Sarge in the eye but this time he did not feel shaky at all.  "To Serve and Protect, eh' Sarge."  The Sarge laughed, "Yea," he pointed to the seal above his desk, "that's what somebody put up here."

    Pushing the Super Sport to the max. edge of the interstate speed limit, he crossed the state line and drove toward the Metropolitan City.  "State Bank," that's what I want.  Turning into the drive way he shuffled his car to the rear of the parking lot and backed into his slot between two trucks.  Looking around he saw the security camera.  Concluding that he could evade it, he proceeded to take his attaché case to the trunk and fill it with most of the cash, keeping a few thousand back for immediate enjoyment.  With the attaché securely locked, he walked inside.

                                                                "Yes sir, may I help you."
                                              "I would like to rent a large safe deposit box dear,"
                                   he smiled at the angel that filled out his application and handed him the key.
                                     She pointed, "in that room and to the right, it's number sixty nine."
                                             "Easy number to remember, hu' sugar."  She blushed.

    With his money safe now under lock and key, he quickly dove back into his old ways.  "Would you like to have dinner with me tonight sugar?"  "Yes I would," she retort.  "I get off at five."  Dorsey put his hand out to shake hers, "Im Dorsey Bonner, and I am Daisy South," she said with her cute accent.  "Chinese?"  "I love it Dorsey."  She smiled through those beautiful pink lips.  "I'm gonna eat your face up tonight Daisy," he thought silently to himself.  "Oh.......Ok Daisy, I'll pick you up right here at five."  "It's a date," she giggled like a young girl on her first date.  He waved and the glass doors shut behind him.  Two of the other tellers gathered around her as they watched him put the top back and snap on the boot.  "He's toat'n a nice package down in those jeans, girls."  "What, What, What! have you got yourself into now Daisy?"  They all laughed. The other teller took her by the arm and spoke softly, "You are going to tell us all about it, aren't you Daisy?"  "I guess I could girls,"............"You know you will honey,"..........."You know you will!"

    He pumped the accelerator as the wide ovals bit the pavement and sped out onto the open highway toward downtown.  "I have three hours to kill, might as well go downtown."  Reaching into the sack of cash, he removed several of the hundred dollar bills, folded them and put them in his jeans.  His hair pinned back with the wind, as he read the signs on the businesses that slipped by.  "There it is, Bahamas Jacks Slacks Shack."  Turning the SS into the lot, he took the nearest parking spot.  Stepping inside was like stepping into a refrigerator.  "Hello Sir, may I help you?"  "Yes, I want a new outfit, let's see;" he thumbed through some of the pants.

                       "Do you have something, sort of like Island looking clothes?"  "Yes Sir, right this way."
                 "Are you on your way to paradise Sir?" The thin girl questioned him as she measured his shoulders.
       "Hope so honey, I have a date with a angel tonight."  "Inseam, she said," he felt the tailors tape thump his jewelry.

    Stepping into the parking lot back at the bank, his fan club awaited his arrival.  "Oh my goodness, I just can't stand it," one of the tellers said as she stood at the front door watching.  "Come on Daisy, look at this sweet thing."  She stepped to the door and looked as Dorsey stepped out of his convertible.  All dressed in white, he was a sight to see, a fashion statement.  His white doeskin shoes laced up with white laces that hugged the silky white socks. Daisy primped and dingled with the curls in her hair as she watched.  His custom tailored, drawstring at the waist pants, was complete with the large leg and cuff at the bottom.  "Oh....Oh....Oh, underpants." one of the girls swooned.  Standing erect now, his figure became too much. "I want to eat him up, the other one panted."   The silky balloon sleeve shirt fell open to the waist showing his well tanned, muscular trunk.  Removing the Island Straw hat, he rolled it into a length and stuck it in his back pocket.  Seeing her standing at the door, he pasted his best dazzling smile and fingernailed his blond hair down. "Ready for dinner Darling?"  She trembled.

    They Rocked to the Brazilian Jazz on the radio as they casually drove downtown looking at the restaurants and trying to pick the right one.  "I like that, he thought to himself," she hasn't been around too much, she doesn't know anything about these restaurants."  Seafood,NO,    Steak&Spud, NO    Vegetarian, NOT Tonight     "How Bout some sole food?"  She pointed to the billboard, "CHIGGERS CHITTLIN & NUCKLE HOUSE."  "You like sole food Daisy?"  "Yes I do."  "We use to get it down at the station house,"........he fell silent.  "Do what," she asked.  "Nothing, I said I could eat my weight in good pig knuckles."

                                   "Let's do it," she taunted, "Ok baby,  it's pig knuckles and rice tonight."

    The tall valet opened the door for Daisy.  "Welcome to Chiggers Mamm."  Dorsey handed him the keys and five bucks.  "No chips on the paint."  "No Sir," taking the keys, he went to park the SS in a safe place.  Swinging the padded doors open they felt the coolness of the inside.  Several couples looked at them when they walked in, "I think that they are staring at us Daisy."  "They are looking at you Cover Boy."  She laughed.  "You're a fashion model Dorsey, like it or not."  "Right this way please."  A large man appeared.  He wore black slacks over the lace up tennis shoes and a blue sport coat with no shirt under it.  Around his neck hung what looked like a good kilo of gold chain.  All his big fingers had a gold ring on it.  From both ears dangled pirates rings.  "YO', Im' Chigger," he garland the room with the gleam of his smile.  A gold star adorned one of his big front teeth.  "What's gonna be yo fancy tonight?"  "We will take a plate of your Pig Knuckles and Rice with a mess of collard greens and vinegar. May we have some corn bread too?"   "Sho'."   Chigger wrote it all down.  "Sound like you been here befo' sir, what-choo' want to drink?"  "Give us a couple sours, and scorch them knuckles good Chigger!"  "Cracklins?" "Double," Dorsey ordered.  "Right on Brother, Right Onnnnnnnn!"

    "Well, Daisy South, tell me all about yourself."  They sipped their drinks while Dorsey profiled this lovely creature that sat on the other side of the table.  "There's not that much too tell."  They chuckled.  "I have worked at the bank for a year and before that I was in College."  "Psychology Major,.......six years."  "You know, I just don't know why I took Psychology, unless it was for my own good; it's such a dead end career."  "What about you?"  "I came right out of College, B.A. in business, and went right into the Marine's.  He rubbed the whitewall haircut that stood him apart.  "Now Im' out, and free as a breeze and I do as I please."  They Laughed as he took her hand in his.  "You know that you knocked me out the first time my eyes found you, don't you?"  "I know," she cooed.  "How'd you know?"  "Psychology, remember?"  They laughed together, "you make me feel good Daisy."  "Me too," she said.  "It does feel good".........

                 "Yo-Ho, I hate to break up this little Kru-too, but knuckles and rice ain't gonna wait for nothin."
                                    Chigger sat a large bowl of Cracklins down between them................
                                                             "Hot Sauce or Vinegar folks?"
                                                                    "Hot Sauce Please."
                                                                     "Butter or Oleo'?"
                                                                 "Butter yo cornbread?"
                                                                     "Yes, thank you."
                                                                   "Salt yo Cracklins?"
                                                                     "Lightly Please."

  "Yo Chigger," these are the best knuckles I ever tasted."  "MM...huh," she added.  "Old Southern Recipe," he smiled, "Plenty Cayenne Pepper."  "We'll have a couple of longnecks too Chigger."  "Right from the bottle, that's the way it's good."  "Right on Brother, Right Onnnnnnn!"

    After dinner the band came in and picked up their instruments.  The mike came alive: "Get down to the sounds of "Buster and The Bobcats."  The music came up and the light dropped down to the flicker of the candles on their tables.  "Let's Dance," Dorsey said.  She pulled close to him.  "You dance so well Dorsey," she said as he took her round the floor.  He felt the feminine softness of her cheek pressed close to his own and savored the sweet essence of her exploding perfume.  She felt active in his arms.  "I like to dance with you Dorsey."  She looked up into his brown eyes and down into the depth of the expanding black pupil. "I see a real sweet man in there," she smiled.  His lips parted to receive her sensuous oral advances as her tiny pink taster dart viscously about his dark oral cavern.  "I've been waiting for that."  She pulled his face close to hers, "I can feel your manhood," she whispered in his ear."  His mind exploded with the thoughts of a Sultan with his Harem in a hot sandy desert.  "It is the expression of your sensuality that excites my deepest sexuality, sweet Daisy.

                                                    "Well," she said, "Daisy's got a cure for that."
                                                   "Will you really help me with the problem Daisy?"
                                                                      "I really need a cure."

    A lot of dance, and a few drinks later, they made their way back to the valet at the parking lot, "Hey man, bring that SS around for me."  "Yes sir," the valet scrambled for the convertible and soon rounded the corner and stopped in front of them, "Ya'll come on back soon."  The valet shut the door on her side and watched the SS speed from the lot, back out onto the highway.  She felt the clutch engage and the big rear tires take hold of the pavement, the wind in her hair played it straight back on her head.  She felt the muscle of the big engine pass fifty, sixty, seventy, her head jerked back as he speed shift into high gear, eighty, ninety and finally one hundred.  The two glass pack mufflers sang an entirely different song at this speed.  She thrilled in her tummy that soon descended to medicine gulch.  A hundred miles an hour didn't bother him, he had been the best driver on the force.  Punching the two four barrels into action, he listened as the engine ran it's paces and ask for more.  As the exit approached, he backed off; "she always runs better after a blow down the freeway Daisy."  Daisy grabbed her heart, "I have never been a hundred and sixty five miles per hour before."  Dorsey profiled, "she's got even more if you want to see it."  "No thanks Dorsey, I've had enough for today."  They laughed as he stopped at the light and pulled into traffic.  "What a thrill," she giggled.  "I like speed," he said, "It makes me hot."  "Me too," Daisy added.  "You want to take hold of my SS and take me down the highway?"  "I want to take hold of you Dorsey."

                                           She pulled at his ear. "Im' so excited Dorsey, pull right in there!"

    The Island Lake Motel was situated so every room was rewarded with a magnificent sunset and premium view of the glistening blue waters. The sand in the driveway seemed to be in a continuous drift, wielding it's way with the ever present wind.  He soon returned from the lobby.  "I like it here on the water, how about you Dorsey?"  "My favorite places are south sea islands with a beautiful whinny like you."  Kissing her fingers, he stopped in front of Room 122.

                                      Taking the key, she went to the door and unlocked the lock,
                                                "One minute honey, I'm putting the top up."
                                                    "whenever you're ready, come on in."
                                                           He caught the key in mid air;
                                                               "I'll put yours up too!"

    The room was cool and dark as he stepped inside and locked the door behind him.  The hum of the air conditioner seemed to keep time with the music that was on the television at the foot of the two double beds.  He craned his neck and smiled to himself in the darkness.  Leaning back against the door, he teased.  "Come on out, I know that you're in there."  A blade of  light sliced the darkness from under the bathroom door.  "Come on out Daisy."  The door began to open.  Peeking around the door jamb, she looked at him against the wall.  She had teased her fine hair and put glitter on her lovely eyes.  How they sparkled in the midnight, how his heart began to beat.  Her lovely pink lips began to move to the music as she placed one high heel shoe out for him to see with her silky leg still in it.  "You are so beautiful Daisy, let me see the rest of you."   She stepped into the light as his heart fluttered and his mind rushed at her sight.  His eyes clouded.  The light that glinted off her gold earrings shimmed across the wall.  He saw the glimmer of the fresh pink lipstick she had just applied; his eyes moved over her fine breast, making a most unique discovery.  She began to rock to the music as he watched her.  So sexy, in nothing but heels and her pantyhose.  "Too Hot, Baby."  She moved toward him.  His gift from the Magi began to heat and expand into a mass of nervous, throbbing, sweet flesh and rubbery white gristle.  His startled eyes beheld her lovelies, but as she came closer, his mouth opened wide and his chest heaved for more breath.  The pointed nipples of her breast were painted with red lipstick.

                                                       "You want to weigh my ruby's Dorsey?"
                                                          He reached for them with his hands.
                                                               "No Dorsey, your tongue."

    He closed his eyes as he felt the cool white sheets touch the small of his back.  Just behind his eyelids, he swooned to feel the hot lick of the summer sand on his toes. The wet surf became clear to mind as the cool sensation of  moving blue water touched his legs, flowing and cuddling, caressing his back and neck.  Tightly sucked to the grip of the sand, he hesitated to make any movement that may disrupt the essence of this lustrous moment.  Warm white foam gathered round his neck and ears, but hastened to stay as the flow rushed forward its wet lick, then away as fast.  The press of the liquid on his chest caressed his body while the fall of the white gloved lady slapped hard against the intruded senses of his contorted face.  The warm salt water engulfed his body as his quivering lips touched the mermaids lips; her fins pulled his body close, he kissed her wet red gills. Looking upward into the big round eye, he opened his mouth as to gasp for air.  Turning him upside down, she danced him in the flow of the gulf stream; faster now than ever, faster through the blue waters.  Suddenly, he felt the scratch of her scales, she strained a swirl from her fleshy fan tail to spin round the rush of the basin, the gift received, the jelly removed.

    "Tap,.......Tap,Tap"....the knock was coming from the door.  He opened his eyes...."Ok, Ok, Im' coming."  Looking about the room, he saw that Daisy was not there.  He picked up the note on the pillow; *Dear Dorsey, I took a cab to work this morning.  I didn't want to bother you, sleeping like a little baby and all.  Don't forget me, Daisy South. "Tap....Tap, Tap, "Mr. Man, you past de' checkout time by an hour-n-half, and I need to clean your room."  It was the motel maid at the door.  Going to his pants, he removed a five dollar bill and handed it out the door, "fifteen minutes for a shower."

                                      "All right then, but only fifteen minutes and not one minute more."

    Dorsey unrolled the panama straw from his back pocket and put his shades on his eyes as he laid the SS's top back for the days ride.  Hopping into the front, his mind wandered to the money that was under the seat.  "I got to check it out,"  he thought.  Opening the bag, he fingered the cash, "Yep, twenty six thousand, just like I left it."  He stuffed it back under the seat and thought of his time with that sweet thing, Daisy South.  He revved his engine and pulled out onto the freeway in the warm days sun. The white ball of the Herst floor shifter felt good in his hand as he put her through her paces.  "Go Baby, Go," he thrilled at the responsive speed of his mount.  His eyes glanced to the right of the highway,   "The Metropolitian City, State Bank."  "Daisy South," his mind flashed, "She's in there."  Downshifting the SS onto the exit ramp, he stopped at the florist;

                                                   "Give me a dozen of your very best roses."
                                                     The lady handed him the box and a card.
                                                  He signed the card, "In Admiration, Dorsey."

    Stepping from the SS, he walked toward the big glass doors and opened them with a smile.  "Well hello again," one of the tellers said.  "I see you bought us some flowers."  They all laughed.  "I really bought them for Daisy," is she here?  "She was here early this morning but she had something else she had to do today, the boss is pissed at her too."  The other teller added to the conversation, "I think that she must be going to buy her a new car or something; she said she cleaned out her safe deposit box."  They laughed and chattered.  Dorsey put the roses up onto the marble counter and dug into his pocket for his own deposit box key and opened the little red key case.  "Gone," he felt his heart in his throat.  "It couldn't be true."  Daisy South would not do anything like that.  He turned to the tellers; "I lost my deposit box key, can I have another one?"  "Five Dollars," one of them said, and handed him another one.  Rushing to the back, he discovered what he suspected; an empty box.  His eyes glared live with the rage of a mad man, "I'll kill her, I'll kill the bitch."  He ran from the bank and dove into the drivers seat.  "She's headed for the airport," he remembered thinking.  Taking the SS up to a blinding speed he flew down the freeway toward the airport, reaching for his own automatic that he carried in the glove, his leg touched the wheel and caused the SS to turn in a side spin.  His mind went black.  "You OK, Mr?"  It was a medic that worked the wreck.  "You're a lucky Man."  Dorsey sat up and looked at the wrecked SS.  Struggling to his feet, he staggered toward the wreck.  Fumbling through the debris, he finally found what he was looking for, "First National Bank,"  bag with money.  Stuffing it all under his coat he walked to the culvert on the side of the road and hid it under some rocks.  "I must have rocks in my head to keep the bag."  He thought of Daisy as the State Police pulled up.

    Dorsey's body still felt sore as he faced his sergeant.  "Well congratulations Dorsey, You've been cleared of all wrong doing in that unfortunate manslaughter charge."  He reached into the desk drawer a placed Dorseys piece and his shield in front of him.  "We're proud to have you back son, a good cop is a hard man to replace."  Dorsey Smiled and took them from the desk.  "Now Son, we have fixed up your cruiser and it's in good shape, so you go on back to your beat."  He pointed to the seal that hung above him, "Serve and Protect."

    Dressed again in blue, Dorsey drove his cruiser along the sun drenched boulevard toward the area where he had wrecked the SS.  To his horror he spied the empty bag lying just a few feet from where he had hidden it.  "Damn it," he hit the wheel, "some homeless asshole is spending my money."  He lit the rear tires of the cruiser and raced around town, pounding the wheel as he drove.

                                                        "I want to kill something," he pouted.
                            "Unit 9, the dispatcher screeched, ROBBERY AT FIRST NATIONAL."
              His mind livened as he tweaked up his radio,  "Unit 9 calling for backup,.... suspected vehicle in sight."
                                                      "Unit 9,....... Backup is twelve minutes away."
                       He felt a smile cross his lips and new blood enter his veins, "I Serve and Protect," he said.

                                                                   "NOT ON MY TURF."

                   Dorsey slid his unit across the end of the alley that the robbers thought would be their getaway.

                                                                                                                   The End,
                                                                                                                Kelly O'Kelly

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