Authors Note* The hectic pace of the urban city takes one to the very edge sanity at times.  Maybe when the you feel the wheels touch the runway in tropical Miami, and you are with the right person; you may be surprised to discover The Chateau Blue Hotel; at your service.

                                            The Chateau Blue
                                            By: Kelly O'Kelly

   Haley turned to Ivan, well, "are you through with business for a while"?  With her hands on her hips, she approached him.  "No more calls", he said with a smile, "No more business"!  "I hope not, she said, with a coy little snap."  " Now you can take care of my business."   "What is that Haley" ?  "Well, you will see soon enough."  She turned and closed the louvered balcony doors.  The room became somewhat darker now.  Going to her suitcase, she removed a large zipper bag, and moved toward the bath.  Ivan watched a moment, then asked, “taking a shower?”  “Hardly,” she replied with a showgirl smile, “hardly.”  "I think that I will take me a shower, he said.  “No Ivan; don’t bathe.”  We are going to play, Napoleon and Josephine, this afternoon."  Ivan bit his finger as she closed the door to the bath.  "What did she mean, he thought" ?  "What did she mean"?

   Ivan quickly scoop out two glasses of  ice, and poured a shot of scotch in each one.  He sat back silently, on the corner of the bed.  His mind wandered back, to the one time, him and Haley had gotten it on.  She was some woman in the crib, he thought, some woman indeed. His first drink had begun to set in, as he listened for some familiar sound coming from the bath.  The door began to open, and Haley stepped into the room.  Ivan stood up with a drink in each hand, unable to speak.  Thick silver glitter, was around her eyes, like a mask.  She wore dark red lipstick.  He had never seen her wear anything, but pastel colors, around the office.  Her blond hair was teased and tossed like a Halloween Witch. Bright, red rouge, adorned her high cheekbones.  His eyes traveled slowly down to her full, rat nosed breast, which she had adorned, with two shimmering, silver pasties, that dangled, and glittered brightly, as she slowly undulate, in place.  Black tights, clung, to her trim figure, all of which, were standing in a pair of six inch, black heels.

                                                  Ivan sat back on the bed grinning innocently.
                        Innocently that is, until he became satisfied, that the large white cloth in her hand,
                                                               with the big blue pins in it,
                                                                    “was a baby diaper"?

   “Oh no Haley, I. .  I, couldn't wear that,” he said, pointing to the diaper. "Behave Ivan,  I will take care of everything".  "Just relax, and follow my lead, it's just like dancing".  "Do you like dancing, Ivan"?   "Yes,... yes I do but. . ., then just be a good baby, and step out of your costume".  Quickly, he put the other glass to his lips, and drank it down with a swig.  She moved toward him,  the pasties glittered and danced with the rhythm of her fine breast.  "Here now baby, let me unbutton that old shirt"..........   She took the glasses from his hands, and placed them on the floor.  "You need your mommie’s milk, now baby".  Grasping his hands, she placed them on her breast, while she removed his white shirt, and unbuckle his pants, letting them drop to the floor................. "It's too warm for all these clothes", she removed his jockey shorts, "there you are baby".  She is the matriarch of eroticism, he thought to himself.  "Yes. . .yes", she said in short breaths.

                                                            "Mommie's is going to change you now".
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