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Submission of Security and Marketing Articles

, Every month we publish articles in Your Security Daily that provide tips, tricks and general techniques to help you
Protect Yourself In Today's Violent Society.
As well as help online marketers achieve more success with their on-line businesses.

, You are invited to submit such an article.
Must Be Security or Marketing Related.

Many of these articles are submitted by online marketers who are
"Practicing What They Preach!!"
They have also proven their worth in Web Based Businesses;
Some are even referred to as "Internet Marketing Genious'".

Are you an Genious in Your Proffession?
We are now accepting ARTICLES on Self Defense Tactics,
(Military, Civilian and Law Enforcement), Self Defense Techniques,
and Web Site Design and Development, Promotion, Positioning, and E-Commerce idea's. Articles should be in the 300 to 400 (Max) word range and may include a 2 line Promotion of the Author's Site.

Can you write an article that our E-zine subscribers would find interesting? 

If we find your article matches our criteria and we think our readers would find it interesting and beneficial, we will publish it in our "YOUR SECURITY DAILY" Ezine Published, for right now, every MONTH and sent on the last Sunday of the month.

You stand to gain tremendous exposure when we can publish your article in our monthly Ezine, (CURRENTLY Sent to over 1,000 Subscribers), and growing at around one hundred new subscribers each month.
Our Web site will Generate a Considerable Number of Extra hits to your site, traffic means Money!!
So, when we publish your article you will Certainly be Establishing Your Presence and Credibility on the Internet Marketing Community.

We will properly credit your article to you and contain your email address or your Web site URL or both.

Established Web Marketers know how effective writing good Ezine articles can be at developing traffic and long time customer relationships.  It is the very reason the majority of successful marketers publish their own Ezine. That is why we started offering our Free Newsletter to everone. We have been sending so much of the Security and Marketing Information to our customers that we decided to start our own Ezine. We thought everyone could use information about Personal Security as well as Marketing. We have been in business Since 1994 and Marketing is no easy task if you are new to the ball game.
Let us be your coach, or just read to learn more.

, Submit Your Article Now!! Deadline is the 18th of the Month.
All Articles received after the deadline will be scheduled in next months issue.
We will publish your article for Only $20.00, Per Article, limit 2,
and a Link to our Newletter Site. For a minimum of 30 Days.

Your article will run in our Successful and Widely Read,
for all our subscribers to read.
Plus As An Added Bonus: We we will not only archive your article but, we will Submit Your Site to over 3100 Quality Search Engines, and Classifieds.

Just submit your article below following the guidelines and after we have assessed and approved your article for publication we will schedule it for next months issue.
The Best two Articles submitted for the month will Win Top Positioning.

Please Read Article Submission Guidelines

  • All Fields Required.

  • Submit your article formatted to a maximum of 65 characters per line and a maximum of 400 words in length.

  • At the end of the article you may place a brief two line promotion for your site, including your URL.

  • Any "Off-Topic articles you submit, meaning does not concern Security or other mentioned above topics will be politely returned along with your payment. Payment will not be withdrawn until you receive confirmation from us that your article will run the next issue of

After submitting your article, click on the "NEXT" Button to be tranferred to our secure server to finish the ordering process.
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"Articles will not run until we receive payment.  If you encounter any problems with the form on the next page, please email your article to us at:
Payment Via, Secure Server
Thank You and Good Luck.


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