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Leo Enterprises Wholesale Designer Fragrance and Essential Body Oils

Manufacturer of Point of Sale Wood Displays

Check Out Our Custom Fragrance Oil Displays

Fragrance Oil Displays
Custom Built Wooden Fragrance Body Oil Displays Here

Retail Inquiries Welcome and Encouraged. Order or Print out the Retail Fragrance Body Oils List, Link Below.

Scents Brought to you from around the World.
Try Out Our Zodiac Fragrance Oils,
Other wise known as Astrological Fragrance Oils.
Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo
See Our Zodiac Fragrances Here!
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If you have used Loreal's Casting Color, Wizard or Glades New Plug-In You have experienced Fragrance & Essential Oils.

We now offer over 427 Designer Fragrances and Essents Oils to Choose From for the New Year 2001

Designer Fragrance Perfumes & Cologne, Oils for the Man or Woman in your Life. Or Just Treat yourself, you deserve it. Don't You??
Makes a Great Valentines Present!!

Highest Quality Fragrance Oils On The Market
Totally Uncut,
100% Pure Vegetable Base!
0% Alcohol & 0% Water!
Lasts Three Times Longer Than The Real Thing!
When you put them on in the morning
You'll Come Home That Night Smelling The Same For The Rest Of The Night!!
No Re-Application like the other Brands.

Wear your favorite Designer Scented Fragrances
Smell High DOLLAR!!
These Uncut Oils Last Much
Longer Than The Original Brand Name...
Water and Alcohol Evaporate, Right?
Oil has to Wear Off, Right?
Stop Paying For Millions in Advertising, Some Designers Fat Pay Check, and for their name on the bottle. Not to mention a Watered Down Fancy Bottle of Perfume or Cologne!!
You have tried the Name Brand Now Experience Oils of Ancient. Fragrance Oils were around long before these watered down versions. So Who is really the "Imitation"? Society has it a little backwards, don't you think!!
What did the Three Wise Men bring the Baby Jesus?
Right, Frankincense & Myrrah.
It sure Was Not a bottle of Acua Di' Gio!!
Experience Fragrance Oils as they were suppose to be, PURE!!
You save money Right From The Start. We have some of the lowest Retail and Wholesale Prices In The Country. With Oils you will use a whole lot less per application than you will with the Name Brand Products. Remember Water and Alcohol Evaporate In A Very Short Time!!! And So Will The Scent Of Your Expensive Perfume!!!
Give Oil Based Fragraces A Try!! Oils Penetrate The Skin and Have To Wear Off!!
Now Which One Is Going To Last Longer? That's Right, The Oils!!
Perfumes and Colognes manufactured worldwide contain mostly alcohol and water, and a very small percentage of the actual fragrance compound. The amount of fragrance compound that is added defines what the fragrance is called. This also helps determine the price the fragrance will sell for in the retail stores. The more fragrance compound that is added, the higher the cost of the cologne or perfume. See Chart.
Water & Alcohol
Perfum or Parfum
15% to 30%
85% to 70%
Eau de Parfum
8% to 8%
92% to 70%
Eau de Toilette
4% to 8%
96% to 92%
Eau de Cologne
2% to 5%
98% to 95%
Splash Cologne
1% to 3%
99% to 97%
Our Oils are 100% Vegetable Based and contain 0% Water and 0% Alcohol!!
You tried the rest, Now come get the best!!
Get Notified of Occassional Specials and New Products as they are made available.
We also get notifications from different manufacturers for the Real Designer Fragrances, and other products.
For those interested in the real thing.. These are liquidation priced, Over Runs, Closeouts, Cancelled Orders, etc.. We get First Notice!! Direct from the manufacturers. These Items Are Not Not Imitations.
The Last Deal a factory sent us was from L'Oreal, a lipstick selling in the stores ( I saw it in Ekerds and Riteaid) at $8.99ea., we offered them for to our retail customers for $2.50ea..
You resellers/vendors would have loved the wholesale price we offered.
JUST IN "IMAN" Cosmetics and "Flori Roberts". Interested in these products? There are a few products on the liquidation list right now. Click Here
I will email you the Newest Manufacturer Liquidations and images, minimums etc.. Minimums Apply. Act Now. Don't worry minimums are real small, like 2 or more, etc.
I will send you the pricing structure. Please let me know whether you are a Retail Customer or a Vendor. Wholesale Minimums Apply.
Both Retail and Wholesale customers are encouraged to participate and purchase items quick when notified.
The first 50 cases that came in where bought by one customer. These items are in Limited Supply, so act fast when you are notified of such deals. When they are gone we can't get anymore.

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So, as you can see, most people are spending a lot of money for mostly alcohol, water, advertising, a name and a pretty bottle. All you wanted was inside the bottle. Once you have the fragrance on, the package is gone, and so is most of your hard-earned money!
NOT With Our's!! Use a lot less, Saving Money from the first bottle.
Click Here To View and Print Our List of Fragrance Oils.

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Want to Rake In Some Cash?
If you would like to become a distributor for our Fragrance Oils? It's Free, No Distributor Fee's or Assigned Territories!!
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There Is a $2.00 S/H Fee!!

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No Distributor Fee's or Assigned Territories. Low Wholesale Minimums.
You Must Be A Licensed Business and Must Submit Your Re-Seller Tax I.D to receive the Wholesale Catalog.

Please Note: The Fragrance and Body Oils we offer in this list have no connections to any Trademarks or Designer Perfume Manufacturers. They are not The Original Designers Perfumes, But They Are The Best Imitations At No Where Near The Cost. Straight Oil Not Diluted!! All our fragrances are 100% Vegetable Oil Based. Our oils are concentrated and contain no water, and no alcohol.

We have over 427 Choices. Something for everyone.
Makes a Great Gift.
Drop Shipping and Rush Delivery Available.


#1 Wholesaler of Security Products and Fragance Body Oils,
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Phone: 1-757-467-9713 / FAX: 1-757-467-9460


We accept the following for payment:
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, Personal/Business Checks, Money Orders, and Certified Funds.
Sorry No C.O.D. Try Check By Fax it is Free!!
Leo Enterprises, Inc.
5476 Chatham Lake Dr.Suite #27 Va. Beach, Va. 23464, USA


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