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Leo Enterprises Free Wholesale Body Oil Catalog

Fill Out the information below and only press submit button once. We will get it.
Catalog Orders sent within the USA Only. USA SALES ONLY.

There Is A $2.00 S/H Fee
Wholesale and Retail Orders Welcome.
You must fax or snail mail a copy of your Retail Merchant Cerificate to us before Wholeale information will be discussed or before the catalog is sent.
Wholesale prices are reserved for Licensed Re-Sellers
As one of our Retail customers you can still enjoy some of the lowest Retail prices in the country. Maybe anywhere.
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Welcome To Our Fragrance Oil Catalog Request Order Form
Get our Wholesale Fragrance
Body Oil Mail Order Catalog, Free!
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Purchase Manufacturer and Importer Direct
We have over 400+ Fragrance Scents. Body Oils, Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Oils and the 12 Zodiac Fragrances.
As well as 30 Fragrances of Incense Sticks, 34 Scented Container Candles.
As well as the Bulk Packaging Bottles of all sizes to pour your own. Or Purchase Pre-Bottled Ready For Re-Sale.
We carry Bulk Bottles in Plastic and Glass.
We carry Purse Atomizers, Custom Wood Displays, Point of Sale Displays, and more..
All in our catalog you can get Absolutely Free! Via the US Mail.

We here at Leo Enterprises believe that our customers make our best sales people,
They have already used our products and keep coming back for more.
We are offering interested parties the opportunity to not only make their own purchases at a substantial discount, but to make additional income by selling our products.
If you are more of a "live wired" type person that would like to earn additional income selling our product lines within your own area, we have this option available. Just order our catalog and get all the info.
Products we handle, different ways we help you get started and a whole lot more.
We here at Leo Enterprises can help you get a Free Secure Shopping Cart Web-Site that can replicate what we are doing. So if you are interested in your own fragrance web-site, let us know and we'll be happy to explain, in detail.
We will help you set it up. There is a small nominal fee for our consultation services.

Here is a couple of ways we can help you.
We offer private labeling for our distributors.

Below is a Software Deal to help you accept checks by fax or phone.
Fill In All Info. Below.
To Get Your Fragrance and Supplies Catalog Free!!
Your Information is for Leo Enterprises Purposes Only!! We Do Not Sell or Rent Out Our Lists!!

We do more than just supply you with a product that sells.  Let us Work For You
In Ways others won't!!
We can take care of all the Packing and Shipping.
We also offer Drop Shipping for our Distributors all over the USA. 
Leaving you time to concentrate on sales.  Which is where you make your money.
We are not successful until you are.
We supply you with a product that sells to everyone.
Plus, when they use it up they come back for more!! Instant Residual Income.
NOTE: Please fill in completely.
Catalogs sent out within 3 days of order.
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Get Notified of Occassional Specials and New Products as they are made available.
We also get notifications from different manufacturers for the Real Designer Fragrances, and other products.
For those interested in the real thing.. These are liquidation priced. Direct from the manufacturers. Not Imitations.
Last Deal a factory sent us was from L'Oreal, Lipstick selling in the stores at $8.99, sold for $2.50ea., Retail.
You resellers would have loved the prices on thw wholesale side.
Right now we are in negotiations with IMAN Cosmetics. Interested in IMAN Products? There are a few products on the liquidation list right now. Click Here
I will email you the Newest Manufacturer Liquidations and images, minimums etc.. Minimums Apply. Act Now. Don't worry minimums are real small, like 2 or more, etc.
I will send you the pricing structure.
Retail and Wholesale customers welcome to participate and purchase.
Join our mailing list, Free!
Get Notified of Occassional Specials and New Products as they are made available.
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Find Us In the International Wholesale Trade Directory
Major listings of manufacturers and wholesale suppliers worldwide.

We accept , Money Orders and Certified Funds, for all the products we offer.
Your Personal/Business Checks Accepted, Check By Fax, Phone, Email, or Snail Mail Free.

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You say it's To Expensive, Don't Have The Money, Credit Reasons, etc.
This Software Prints Checks Out For Any Of Your Bank Accounts or Your Customers.
No More of that, "THE CHECKS IN THE MAIL", from your customer.
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The Same Day You Get The Order.
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